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Buff majundasuchas!

Level 20 Mujunasuchas VS Level 10 Purrolyth

MJ is UP… waaaay (under powered) It needs a BUFF! It MIGHT be useful on a LEVEL 10 team… might.

2463 hit points? Really? That’s it at level 20? No point in using this on those level 30 epic towers. This thing is going to die in the first chomp.

For god sake, at least give it some armor or some speed. It hits once, back bites once and is then killed the next round.

Come on now… buff it. Make it useful for its level. Strike towers with a level 5 Stegasaurus, level 6 raptor and level 7 apatosaurus kills this thing… at level 20.

Buff, buff, buff. We need a buff. A level 10 Purrolyth has almost the same damage.


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Majundasuchus carries me through the early arenas, along with diplocaulus. If majundasuchus had more health, I would perhaps still be using him, especially since he has a cleanse that Megalosuchus lacks.


Sounds like someone’s mad they levelled him to level 20 for no reason :wink:


I‘m also thinking of how weak some rare hybrids are compared to others, like especially Suchotator but also Einiasuchus and Diplotator.
I once underestimated Einia, it used ferocious and destroyed me with its next hit I did not see coming.
Diplotator at lvl 24+ can also be a pain in the a if I don‘t have counters in my team. Their ability to reduce damage combined with their high attacks can be hard to battle.

Suchotator is imo the strongest of these hybrids, for me it‘s even better than some legendaries. It‘s fast, has distracting as IC, can nullify, has SS and heavy bleeding. And also easy to fuse and helped me through a lot of strike towers.

So I think the differences between these rare hybrids are big and Purr-saurus and Majundasuchus are the weakest, yeah. It‘s imbalanced for me, so I‘d either want to see these two buffed or the others nerfed. And since I hate seeing good dinosaurs nerfed, I‘d go the first way.

Nice thing is, that Suchotator is achievable for everyone since its components can easily be found and farmed.


Yeah but its basically an early game dino, kinda figures that it gets outclassed once you reach a certain stage. I’m guessing that it becomes pretty much obsolete by about 3500 trophies - like Lythronax became at that time.

Keep in mind that Majundasuchus has a x1 AP counter attack and swap in ferocity so it isn’t completely useless.


Agree. Now I’m going back to arena 2 and using my level 17 Majundasuchus is kind of useful for both losing and wining when needed.

However I think Einiasuchus at same level was far more useful than majunda

Nope far from it, not useless at all. Levelled up and in the right hands of someone who can play well it can be a pretty good dinosaur (like Lythy - which can actually take out an I-Rex). But I’m really quite disappointed that Lythronax totally missed out on getting the Armour Piercing Counter and Swap-in Ferocity Majund just got, if Lythy had that I’d probably still roll with it as mine is at L22 so far.

It’s still useless. They nerfed its damage thinking double ferocious would be too strong. It has incredibly low health, so if you swap in ferocious, there’s a good chance you wont even get a chance to use the 2nd ferocious before you die. Mine is 23 and it is more useless than any other level 23 dino i have. Had they kept the damage the same with the swap-in buff, it would actually be viable.

Both need hp buff and majunda needs atk buff too get ride of SIA that distroyed him and he was already bad

The problem with majunda is its really just a poor mans dio… and dio is already kinda weak. Their stats are balanced with their swap in, in mind so to really take advantage of them you need to use them on a swap.

Majunda has low health and is slow so swap him in you need to be able to survive the hit and in most cases the next hit to do anything. Sure it can counter indom but thats about it.

Hmm…guess what?

Actually it’s not the problem of Majunda deserve a buff or not.
They promised a buff in ver.1.5, but never realized.

Here’s a piece of ver.1.5 patch note.

@Jorge mentioned this in his ver.1.5 patch note article.
With this buff, Majunda’s atk (in LV26) will changed from 750 to 880.
But they missed that buff, and never fix it in all these months.

I just don’t know why.
I mentioned it several times, also tagged @Ned and @John so they could notice.
Also sent a report in November 2018, the customer service told me they noticed this.
(Yeah just as their reply for all our bug report LOL)


LOL their auto filter hide this post.
So I couldn’t edit that one (or it will be hidden again).

Actually I felt really rage for this. If not selectively forget this issue, I might not able to play this game now.
Guess if they still not give their promised buff for Majunda in next update (1.6 or 2.0?), I’ll also cancel my VIP and leave this game soon later.