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Buff majungasaurus/majundasuchus

Seriously, their to freaking weak, I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t have one of the WORST attack stats. I mean COME ON. They look like blue t rexes! And your telling me a blue ostrich has over 600 more attack? Seriously. They need an attack buff. At least over 1000 please, cus seriously, why is it’s attack so bad. Majundasuchus has to be the worst hybrid in the game right now.


I agree. I don’t even bother to dart them when I see them. Hope they will get a useful superhybrid soon.

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Naw, it’s a counter dino that’s easy to get so above 1k damage is out of the question. Although it should be buffed, like a lot


1000 damage is better then 800

I swear I posted this exact same thing 6 months ago. I have enough Majunga DNA to level it to 30.


I just face it on aviary :exploding_head: and believe me that thing took me by surprise how boosted it was
Level 30
Tier 10 hp
Tier 9 atk
Tier 7 spd
It was great to see a poor soul majundasuchus get big love and not the freaking Thor and RAT as we allways see
Great job pal iff you are out there :clap::wink::muscle:


I agree, I love the dinos and want to use them so bad, but can’t because they are just so terrible.

Eh. One is a common and one is the literal easiest hybrid to make. They have all the reason to not be good.