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Buff Monolometrodon


Nigh unusable as it is. This thing only needs a little change to make it work and change up the game. Increase his impact moves to rampage or increase his damage a tad.


It’s a low lvl legendary, It’s not ment to keep up with the other ones.
What arena are you in?


You mean it’s a “common” legendary and going by that logic monostegotops should be better than monomimus due to epic + epic. Why is my arena relevant? I’m in Jurassic ruins.


They probley will make it better…


IMO if they’re going to call it a ‘Legendary’, it should at least be at the low end of the legendary scale. Right now, it loses to most Epics. Great moveset but realistically it should be a Rare or maaaaybe an Epic hybrid as is.


Its doesnt even keep up with rares or epic hybrids… even to kmnew players my advice would be to skip it… over level an anklycodon instead its far easier because its far less dna… and ankly has more good match ups… i currently have 3 legendaries on my team and this thing is not getting a spot over my epics…


Legendary doesn’t necessarily mean that it will beat any epic. Postimetrodon can smoke Tryostronix in 2 attacks and will also take down the same level Stegodeus if Stegod doesn’t get a critical hit.


I would slightly buff its attack and speed and change its nullifying strike into a nullifying impact


Agree with you, I tried it and had to take it off my team, although I like it.


Im not really looking for it to be able to beat any epic but right now its biggest issue is it has good skills but lacks a true purpose… it can do alot of different things… but it cant do anything real well.

Like if it has nullify but as is stated an entry level legendary… so its going be matched against stegod, indom, and tragod. Yeah he can nullify their shields/cloaks… but the tanks can clense his damage debuff and indom just ignores at that point hes kinda a lame duck


You’re moaning about a dino with low damage yet you’re using it in high lvl arena.
That dino is for low lvl arena letting new players get there hands on a legendary fairly quick instead of months and months off grinding for one.


Oddly enough its 1 of only 3 legendary Dinos I dont have yet, the other 2 being the sinoceratops hybrids


Every time while we mentioned Monolometro is too weak, people always said that’s easy to create, so shouldn’t be strong…

Ok, honestly, is that really true?

Only because they temporarily move Monolo gen2 & Dimetro gen2 into global spawn, that make Monolometro easier to create. Or based on 2 pre ver.1.3 not global dinos is not really “easy”.

Just think about Einiasuchus, which was easy to collect pre ver.1.4.
Now Einio & Numda exchange their spawn mechanism with Monolometro ingredients, so if you are not live close to lots of green fields, Einia is hard to evolve now. That is the real difficulty of Monolometro.

Also, create this hybrid means you must raise 2 useless things into lv15.
Just think about Stegodeus, Stegosaurus + Nodopatosaurus (Nodosaurus + Apatosaurus), all are really simple global spawn dinos.
And all ingredients of Stegodeus are really useful in battle before you got better tank dinos, so you don’t need to hesitate at all.
In Monolometro, you work hard on some useless things, and allowed to create another useless product. Really fair.:thinking:


Due to a variety of tested factors, I actually replaced my Monomimus with mine.

It’s been proving to be very versatile. Granted, it’s just a filler until either buffed or I get a different secondary Defense Shattering dino that I can actually get DNA for but I am very pleased with the results.


Ive said this myself before… before the 1.4 patch ludia said this was a temporary migration which means at some point this is going to be a park only legendary. And it will not so easy to obtain.

And what it really is , is a side grade to anklycodon… similar health and damage at equal levels…they have different tool sets and different ways to accomplish similar goals…


Definitely not moaning about it as I’ve not even created it due to it not being worth the resources spent on it.

Where do you get that it’s for low level arenas? The dinos used to create it are really not much easier to get than stegodeus.