Buff Monostegotops Stun

Can we please give Monostegotops a fighting reason to contend for the lineup amongst the likes of Monomimus & Magnapyritor? I believe Monostegotops would be deserving of having either Greater Stunning Impact or Stunning Rampage, just something to sharpen its horns.


With it critting as often as it does and has a better stun rate than the Stegos’ 33% (on the books lands more stuns since 1.4) it is more than a contender really.

That really doesn’t make any sense considering Monostegotops & Stegoceratops both have a 33% chance to stun on Stunning Impact, saying one stuns more than the other sounds rather subjective. And relying a dino’s success based off a 20% to crit isn’t a very dependable measure of success


Rampage would be nice :ok_hand:t2:
Regardless of the stun %, it’d be cool to have that extra bit of power.

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i will use it regardless, at least until i get magna. i hardly use it’s stun. decelerate and nullify impact is really all i use it for. if it’s still alive after that, great. then i’ll stun. 30% armor, 20% crit, decent speed and three 1.5x attacks, is decently powered already, but if they want to buff the stun, i wouldn’t object.

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Out of 253 Stun attempts with Stegos 33% stun. It has stunned 4 times since 1.4. At some point there is no longer a subjective matter but a matter of fact and statistic

Where did you get this statistic? I’d be very curious to see the source

Self-Sourced. I keep track of the recent changes for most of my dinos. I got a spreadsheet for each time I use an attack.

So you’re telling me that out of 253 Stunning Impacts, you’ve had 4 that actually stunned? That just sounds like terrible RNG. But I would still be curious to see this spreadsheet, would you mind posting it up here

Will do once I am home from work. Ping me later if I have forgotten. Usually home by 10 CST.

Ill just be waiting

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I got a spreadsheet for each time I use an attack.

man, you sure play this game different than me.


yeah, i just yell at my phone when it doesn’t work


Monostegotops is a superhybrid with 2 epic ingredients, which should make it stronger than most legendaries per Ludia’s words on the matter.
The fact that one of its ingredients can challenge it is just absurd.
Even indominus (fused with epic and COMMON) which is countered by monostegotops wins the matchup at same level, except when monostego crits (34% of minimal 1 crit after 2 turns).

Every facet of the matter tells the same story, it needs a buff.


I’m so glad somebody sees this exactly the same way as I do

I’d give her maybe 150 extra hp and 50% chance to stun on her impact and call it a day to be honest.

Or give her distracting Impact instead of Nullifying Impact and leave the rest of the kit as it is. That could do as well.

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All I want is: BUFF my Monosteg. Whatever Ludia, just do it. At least by this way, I can feel bit proud of my decision to no to create Monomimus.

That’s so TRUE! Why does Ludia make Monostegotops worse then most legendaries? It is like the old Pachygalosaurus?

without dodging, i’m pretty sure a velociraptor can beat indrominus rex and indoraptor.

Hey! Another great idea: What if they gave Monostegotops SIA Stun! Give it 66% chance to stun. Simple change, big buff