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Buff Mortem rex Health to 5100

As the prime representative of the fierce class, Mortem really needs something to earn its Apex title. Seeing @Schtemty post about Mortem, it really is quite underwhelming that a creature which takes literally half a year to obtain performs poorly in all but several 1v1 matchups. Mortem already has the highest damage in the game, more speed would just unbalance the arena with nitro monsters, and more resistances seem a bit redundant. A health buff to 5100 (old Allo G2 health) would allow it to take a couple more hits and dish out some more damage before getting knocked out.


You’re probably right but as someone who is still months away from getting mortem I’m hoping it remains relatively crappy for as long as possible

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5100 is way too much for Mortem. 4650 would be enough.

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Obviously I’m going to agree!

What I will say is that the boosts used to get its health up to enough to withstand a hit from A faster heavy hitter could be better served on its speed or attack so this idea gets my vote.


It’s not the best way to buff Mortem, but not the worst either. It would still lose to Hadros, after all, while beating a lot of cunning creatures (whether that’s good or bad is debatable).

Here’s what I propose. It would lose to cunning creatures (especially ones with more than 1 Distraction move, like Dilophoboa, Utasinoraptor, etc) while taking out anything that isn’t. Even if it’s at a lower level, that regen and rend would allow it to punch above its weight class without actually increasing its HP or attack stats.
It would also do much better against faster opponents (as long as they can’t distract it).

There is a trade-off though. If it’s faster than Thor and Allosino, it loses to them. If it’s slower, then it loses to Allo G2 49% of the time.

Exactly, the health buff will allow more boost capacity to be allocated toward speed or damage to take advantage of its speed decrease immunity and insane damage :+1:

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The attack-regen move does seem like a cool concept, but I’m not sure about the annihilation. In PvP, you basically trade kills which isn’t all that useful and Mortem’s damage is so high that in raids, it just kills everyone except the boss. Also, getting rid of all its resistances except stun really hurts it

How about we do nothing to Mortem until the majority of the playerbase actually has it? Seems like the people that are trying to buff it already are the ones lucky enough to have it.

When 70-80% of players don’t even have Mortem yet, seems like people that do have it just want an even extra edge In arena…

I personally do not have Mortem rex, but seeing that it takes such effort to actually unlock him, I believe that a minor buff is justified based on the objective fact that it performs poorly in many 1v1 matchups


He’s pretty good to be honest, yes a little bit more hp wouldn’t hurt him, but I feel that’s because he’s only 26 when the rest of your team will be 29-30. Pretty sure when he gets to lvl 28+ he’ll be just in the right spot.

With all the trykos/dios/max/gemini/grypos running around, he serves me well. Dodge is dead and irrelevant. After that, sure distracting beats him, but not before he gets an impact in, which has a good chance of killing the cunning outright on a crit. He does need quite a bit of speed to be effective.

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As a boosted dino, its already one of the best dinos in the game. Anything more would make it overpowered beyond belief. Besides who cares how it does in a flat level environment? It literally isn’t allowed in skill tournaments. Not to mention, 1v1s aren’t everything, and we almost never fight in them.

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Not necessarily. Using that move is a choice. Remember, it also has Fierce Rampage. Annihilation is risky, but if you’re facing something like an 8k HP Maxima with a base level Mortem it might be worth it.

That’s only if they don’t have rend resistance. Remember that again, using the move is a choice, you can save it till the final round where it doesn’t matter if 1 or 2 teammates get taken out. Fierce Rampage can be used in the other rounds.

Another Apex Resilient creature is added, and it kills Mortem 100% of the time with Group Accel and then Rampage? :man_facepalming: Mortem really needs this health buff to 5100

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Buff his hp to 4800 like allo gen 2

AlloG2 have 4500.
I have face one and it doesnt need a buff.
The mortem rex Is easier to do than pyrritator raid
You guys complain about hadros Lux and the other apex killing mortem?then nerf them

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Apex creatures are meant to represent the highest tier of their respective classes, they literally take months on end to obtain… to make the time investment worthwhile, the other Apexes don’t necessarily have to be nerfed, just increase Mortem’s health so that it can survive or at least chunk off most of their health

yeah exactly,
i made a topic about it :
About how long you have to get your apex lvl 30 vs how long to reach your unique with exclusives components lvl 30.
And the easiest to get is Of course the apex.
so if you had a little honesty with yourself, you wouldn’t even try to tell me about the so called “investment” they represent.
They are easier to max than uniques,then they need to be weaker.

And of course,don’t forget about one thing:
Some people show you can accomplish those raid apex with commons /rare behind lvl 10…

You need over 30000 of a particular exclusive epic DNA to reach lvl 30 unique
You barely need 7 to 14 month to max an apex.
(I won’t tell you,since you have the script,apex is literally easy to do)
Even if you tryhard on this exclusive DNA,without paying,you will never reach those 30k even after 2 years.

You want your mortem to be harder?
Then deserve it:
Make apex stronger again so you can only do it with ONLY max lvl unique with max boosts and change the stats and moves every weeks of those apex so you can’t follow a script.