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Buff mortem

So I recently unlocked mortem and it seems to be really weak like I have level 24s out performing it which doesn’t make sense since hadros is the 1v1 king and is easier to create and ceram which is a resilient swapper beats mortem and is one of the best dinos in the game and again super easy to create and gorgo is fine it’s can first turn null rampage followed by the best impact in the game with sturdy stats but mortem is like weak thor even dentimax is faster and it loses to pretty much anything that can survive it’s one 3000 damage hit and even if it somehow wins it’s setup for the opponent sitting at like 1000 life with super low speed

Are your other dinos boosted? Morty is actually really good once you understand it’s role

It’s great for picking off resilients and swap punishing (That damage hurts to anything that can’t defend) as well as being an awesome revenge killer

I don’t find it too impressive right now. However, once the boosts start adding up, there’s going to be some monsters out there. A140 speed chomper that can’t be slowed is hard to handle.

Never build a speed mortem. It will lose its charm once you enter mid library and Gyro


So if no high speed mortem we are building a medium speed one and the only thing it does is bite slow resilients before getting swap killed or kill slow almost dead resilients and then it can actually get a rampage off but 60% of it is absorbed by the opponents cloaker or dodger

You got it spot on @IronCaptain

I was one of the first to get Mortem ages ago now. I came on here and said how disappointed I was with it. I was mocked and told not to talk such rubbish.

So here we are and mine is now fully boosted at level 28 and it’s still rubbish, but more and more players are saying the exact same thing I said all those weeks ago.

There is simply no way this Dino should be outperformed by Thor but it is. It can get one good shot in and as has been said, it is a revenge killer, and is not worthy of its apex status. A mildly glorified TRex at best, but seriously disappointing.


And sad thing is gorgosaurus with it’s ferocious strike is actually just as good a revenge killer and it also can not be slowed and it’s revenge chomp at level 30 with max attack is equivalent to that of a 3400 attack mortem

other than roar, Mortem needs a good signature move to contend with apexes like Lux and Magnus. and make it stand out against thor (which beats it btw).

i’ve thought of giving it instant rampage, but that could very well be busted. another idea was giving it a small heal tied to an attack. it jsut needs something more to be the Apex predator it should be.

I would love instant rampage on mortem he would instantly become my favorite battler lol have you considered potentially an instant dsi? With only 1.5 damage it wouldn’t be super broken I don’t think

instant DSI would be cool and would allow for mortem to beat thor on even grounds. Hoping Ludia does something to make Mortem better in the arena.

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