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Buff Nodopatotitan


Similar to Monolometrodon, Nodopatotitan needs an overhaul. I don’t see the point in introducing a bunch of “Legendaries” that hit like a wet noodle and just wait to die. I was really hoping to be able to add a new class type to my lineup, just to be able to mix things up, but these two are an instant loss. If you’re going the route of introducing new cards, they should at least be viable, especially considering Nodo is a “super” (/s) hybrid.

Either bump up his damage or give him like 10K health or somethin! I’d love to see a dino that can take a full Irex rampage and keep goin! :rofl:

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Whoever thought it needed 3 slowing skills needs their head examined. It’s actually a worse dino than the Nodopato that makes it up.


I think nodopatotitian should have superiority strike, decelerating impact, long protection and rampage. I was hoping it to be good since it’s currently the only Brachiosauridae that is legendary and above, similar to stegodeus, the only Stegosauridae legendary.


It looks like it’s wearing a luchadore or superhero mask… It needs an attack set that matches that cool look :smile:


I agree not just nodopat but giga as well…all three of those legendaries could bring something to the table to make their be a choice… so wed see less of the best choice is to put all my nodosaur dna into stegogod.


first buff giga please!!


I’ve wanted this for a while tooo but now what I’d reallly like to see is a unique based off of giga! It looks pretty bada$$ as is, just imagine a super hybrid!!


But…Gigaspika itself is a super-hybrid.:thinking:

I agree both Nodopatotitan & Gigaspika looking far more cool than Stegodeus, although the strength is totally reversed.

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Okay… Super-Duper Hybrid :man_shrugging:t4::joy:

Lol and if they’re gonna keep it’s move set as-is, maybe rename it to something not as commanding as gigaspikasaur … maybe megaspikasaur instead (no relation to megalosaurus)


I was expecting at least that Nodopatotitan would have a 2x damage brought forward from the Grifi and the reciprocal damage at least the same as Nodopatosaurus of 0.5 but maybe up it to 1x to make this an upgrade. 3 ways to slow doesn’t help much. It does have 40% armor and that is the same an extra hit points. I would also think they would at least bring forward the 20% critical chance from the Grifi but Nodo only has a 5% critical chance.


All it needs is it’s Decel Impact up to Decel Rampage. Boom done.


I had it on my team soon as I unlocked it…removed it a few days later because as someone said, you are just delaying the fight not winning it with this thing.

Perhaps change its name to Noodlepatotitan, that way its name matches it attack levels!