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Buff of dinosaurs!

I think most of us are in agreement that the new boost tiers and restrictions are much better and should’ve been this way from the start. However, the way they transitioned players into the new system was rubbish and borderline scammy.

We would make an buff.

Only boosts that were acquired via daily battle incubators and strike events should’ve been converted into their 1.5 multiplier for reuse. Boosts bought via hard cash from the store should’ve just refunded us the cash. 25 stat boost points (aka 1/4 of a single boost) for 500 HC is a complete rip off and I would’ve spent it on coins instead if I knew. And here’s the kicker. They had 2 stat boost sales right before the update dropped. They knew they were gonna be killing their value, and did it anyway. That’s just shady.

At least I never spent actual money on HC, so my only annoyance is that I could’ve spent it on coins instead. Imagine the players who did spend money. IMO they are well within their rights to get a refund from the App Store/Play Store.


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