Buff of Pterovexus...or was it a nerf? hmm

Another look at this dino would great. I’m a big advocate of the neglected underdog dinos, trying to pry ptero into my lineup for nearly a year. I was excited to see the buffs brought on by the last update…until I realized there is a 1 turn delay to the distracting rampage. Most dinos this bird would face are going to wipe it out in two turns, many will do it in one turn. It needs distraction or another defense turn 1. In most cases its taking a full hit when it gets swapped in already. Often times, I just use her as a kamikaze pilot to soften or finish a dino. The only way this dino could be held at the same level as it’s counterparts, is if its able occasionally make it to turn 3 and escape.

Pinning strike is a useless move. Damage is low, its only one turn. So many dinos can’t be pinned. If opponents don’t swap out when you swoop in with bleed, they probably aren’t swapping out anyway.

How about a distracting pinning strike? Or cleansing swoop like epic Dimodactylus, so it has a chance to use its escape move? Or increase the bleed % significantly? (your essentially causing 60% damage to an opponent on a successful use at the cost of an entire dino)

Without a change, I’ll probably have to bench her. Probably making her extinct…as I’ve never encountered another player with her on the roster.


Yeah that is the big tradeoff between Distracting Impact and Distracting Rampage. The damage is nice, but distraction isn’t for dealing more damage or bypassing a defensive ability - it’s for protection. And it needs that protection on turn 1.

Even so, Pterovexus hasn’t really been very good for a long time. Buff or nerf (and there are definitely elements of both in this change), the change wasn’t really enough to make Vexus viable.


Yeah distraction impact should have stayed the same, nullifying impact should have been the one to become a rampage.


I want to put this bird on my team so much…

I’m still collecting DNA for him, I’m wondering how I should boost him, I just don’t know if it makes sense. His resistances are very good, but with the two delayed abilities I don’t see how he could be used, he must need a change obviously.

(By the way, I’m in Top-Library - 5400+ trophies - I’ve literally seen only one player used Pterovexus so far.)


I think the best answer would be to either simply change Pinning Strike to Cunning Strike while swapping On Escape Evasive Strike for On Escape Pinning Strike (in essence, making it No Escape BUT it does 1x damage as well) or upgrade Distracting Rampage to Revenge Distracting Rampage.

Though I think the former would be better since that would make it waay more meta relevant now.


Ironically it was a nerf, No protection after a swap puts it in a big disadvantage.a Thor can now safely take it down.change ramp to impact and null impact to null rampage, it’s should be this way.


I have no knowledge of late game fighting or stuff, but I made a small buff for Pterovexus. I don’t know if it will change anything or make it OP

I feel like vexus would be good if they combined both swap ins from its components like a swap in evasive wound.
Swap in wound is such a weak swap in if you don’t have the armour or health to tank a hit.


Yeah swap ins are very risky if you don’t finish off your opponent if they don’t offer any protection. You’re basically trying to avoid taking any damage through the swap. Most of the best swap in attacks either offer protection (distraction, dodge, shield) or can finish off your opponent so they can’t damage you. Swap in wound offers no protection, and cannot prevent you from taking damage because the wound doesn’t activate until the end of the turn. So I really like the idea of giving vexus a better swap in.


What do you think to minor swoop, I know it kind of has to have the Darwin kit, but maybe they could do a smaller Phosrex ability maybe a impact and run with 20% DOT on the ability.
Could be defensive shattering but I think that’s to strong.

I mean Phorurex has a Defense Shattering “Wound and run” attack, so why not vexus? Maybe let it access it earlier, but have it do less damage and % (maybe 1 or 1.5x attack and around 20% DoT for two turns)


It’s weird that it’s a wildcard also, since it’s the fusion of a cunning and a fierce. Maybe give it some form of heal or shields to make it a wildcard or change the Dino type to a cunning/fierce. I do agree that the pinning strike needs to be cunning strike and that the distracting impact should be back, but add something different to nullifying rampage since that’s already used by Quetzorian. Maybe give it a alert rampage type move for it if does take a hit after swapping in


Swap in evasive wound.


I don’t think it neccesarily needs any resilient abilities, I’d just rather have them change the class to Cunning-Fierce.

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Yeah it should really be a cunning/fierce. Seems fair enough to make it that.

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I enjoy using him. But it’s really not helping my team if I’m honest with myself. (I use to use him to soften speedy thors when they were an issue for me, but they now resist bleed).

My thoughts on boost, you have to strike first. I don’t see many dinos above 150 speed, so mine is at 152. Good enough for most situations. The main purpose of this guys is to bleed, the only way you’ll get to swoop is to have HP, so I’d max this out. Nice to have some on attack but its not really the function of this dino, and your really just hoping in certain situations to finish off an opponent. But as I said previously, if you don’t live to round two, doesn’t really matter what your attack is.

Decided to make the changers in the toolbox @Mudkipz, gave it a small dmg buff and health and reverted the last changers.


Keep the on escape evasive impact, and maybe change the pinning strike and that’s looking like a decent change. However it looks very similar to Phorex which would be its direct competition in this circumstance

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Thats a good point. Even though this playstyle makes sense for vexus to have, Phorurex will just be directly better anyway.

Although there is something to be said for how many resistances Pterovexus has, since that could give it the edge in some matchups. Similar to how Ceramagnus does more damage than Monolorhino most of the time (both on swap in and in general), but people prefer Monolorhino presumably because of it’s resistances and immunities.