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Buff or change Ready to Crush


Other people might have already said this but I’m saying it again. Right now, Ready to Crush is basically useless except in like 0.5% of situations. It doesn’t do any damage, and basically is just a weaker Ferocious Strike (Well it does have the +crit but that’s just rng and nobody wants to rely on luck. The only reason to ever use it is with specific dinos to set up on specific counter-attackers without taking counter damage.

Instead of yelling about nerfing everything, we should be yelling about making buffs to currently useless things such as this. Sure, you might have to nerf things that currently have ready to crush a bit if its buffed, but it’ll be worth it. Right now it’s just taking up a moveslot.

If you know how to effectively use RTC, please tell me

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I don’t currently have a dino with RTC on my team but I can say for sure that it has been used effectively against me multiple times. And not against a dino that can counter attack. It’s a powerful move if you use it right.


its a paint your opponent in a corner move. very effective. i choose not to use them though. benched my 25 tryo

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Do you know what would save r2c? If it also increased its speed.that would change things a lot. Just make it increase damage +speed rather than damage+crit so that tryostronix actually has a chance against faster dinos and pyrritator has some chance against stegod. Seriously r2c increating speed would make it a viable move


Perhaps a bit OP, but sounds good


it should cause 1x damage.


i just use it against tryk. not sure how one would effectively use it against a non-counter attack dino.
i guess as long as all of the opponents dinos are slower than yours it could be good.


Yea that would make it good. That way tryo would be even more OP tho… Stacking attack buffs and then defense shatter rampage


imagine that… finish off an opponent with rtc and have it ready for the next guy


Essentially, Tryos damage would then look like this: 1.5x, 2.25x, 4.5x?! That 3rd hit does more than a cloak, and this rampage can shatter shields.


Rtc can be used effectively at times but its almost always better to fs instead… had a tryo vs tryo match of same level… opponent used rtc i used fs… lost the speed tie but still manage to survive with 300 hps.

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You spend a turn not dealing damage i think it would be alright. You take minimal speedup strike and ferocius strike and mash them togeher in a move that doesnt do damage. It would be good sure but it wouldnt be as broken imo. Yes tryos would actually have a turn 2 priority with 3x dsr but after that the next turn at best a ferocius strike which means 2x damage and r2c wears off


Think about it like this.
Ready to crush
Cooldown 1
+%50 speed
For 2 turns
(Meaning it wears off after one use, not 2)


I actually like using RTC the way it is (I have a lvl 23 tryo, lvl 20 pyrri, bouncing around 4500 trophies). The only thing I would change is making it actually last 3 turns, making up for the lack of damage upon activation.

On tryo, besides counter attackers, I like using it if my buffed DSR will kill the opponent, so that I may use a buffed FS next turn. Also, If I finnish off their second dino with FS, using RTC makes things a lot harder for the last foe. It’s worth mentioning that I may sacrifice a dino to set tryo up (as in, using a basic strike instead of a killing blow).
My pyrri doesn’t see RTC as often. Mostly if I’m against indoraptor and I think he’ll cloak (works often enough) or if I think the oponnent will switch (then I have the option of APR if it’s a tank or DR if it’s not).

Honestly, one thing about RTC that I enjoy a lot is the excitement, the “all or nothing” feel of it. Maybe if I climb a little further in the arena RTC will stop being viable, but until then I’m having a blast with it :sunglasses:


For example if you’re 2-2 the opponent can tank the FS with one dino, then switch to a faster high-hp dino like rinex, tank the non-crit DSR and finish you off. Basically in this situation you need a single high damage hit, not a couple lower ones.

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I dunno how this would work but maybe giving R2C a non-priority heal or cleanse should definitely make it usable on Pyrritator, the cleanse would be redundant on Tryo, but i think Tryo is fine as is.

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