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Buff pteraquetzal and Zalmonodon

First of all pteraquetzal is too weak for being a tournament hybrid. It should at least be as strong as erliphosaurus and Zalmonodon should be as strong as segnosuchus or metriaphodon for having one of the strongest tourney creatures

Pteraquetzal is as strong as gorgosuchus I think it’s fine where it’s at, like gorgo it’s a health tank.

Zalmonodon is just a bit stronger than erliph.

If anything segno, metria and cera are way too strong considering their components, but I dont think anything should be changed I think we should just work with what we’ve got and wait for new hybrids to be added to balance things out.


Health wise they’re ok but attack wise they’re need a small buff

I can agree with zalmonodon. Look at segno and metraiphodon. Both have components that have loads of attack and not a lot of health. Considering zalmonodon is made with a glass cannon as well it seems like a good idea to make it a glass cannon as well. But we don’t need 2 glass cannon flyers which is why zalmonodon is a normal low class tourney hybrid.


Since pteraquetzal has a super rare yes he shouldn’t be so strong. I would give it a attack between 2300 and 2500

Pteraqietzal is fine where it is. It was meant to be a dirt cheap version of pachygalosaurus for noobs. It’s cheap and has terrible stats to everyone except new players. This is what this hybrid is meant for

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honestly, no creature needs buff … if you want attack go for metriaphodon if you want hp go for zalmonodon or pteraquetzal.


By that logic gorgo and erliph are pretty rubbish hybrids too, you just need to know how to use tanks properly in order to win.

I’m not saying it’s the best far from it and it’s pretty costly too, but level 20 pteraquetzal has won me a lot of battles and can take a lot of hits.


Most the hybrids are fine, don’t really care what the parent creatures are for the hybrids they make and or their stats in relation to the parent creatures, it’s a silly game with fictional hybrids it doesn’t have to make sense.

The only thing I can get behind is doing something with Glythronax. I have no problem with it’s stats per say, but I do have a problem with it’s stats in relation to how much it costs. It is quite expensive DNA wise and it’s stats are pretty much garbage for what you get. Either give it a buff or decrease how much DNA it costs, there is no reason to ever buy that thing other than from a collector stand point.


I would hold out for a while sub, not sure if your aware but last update allonogmius cost was reduced from 55k down to 45k.

On a discount this actually makes allonogmius fairly cheap for its low cooldown and high attack (although really I think his attack should be higher considering banana fish)

Now glyth I would actually prefer not a reduction in cost but rather a buff in health, considering hes an armoured rex I think he should have health around 12 - 13k. I would invest in him then and his stats would reflect his dna price that’s for sure.

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Another thing that is kinda funny, there are only a few dino’s I fear seeing on opposing teams in tournaments and they are typically the tanks. A high level Pteraquetzel, Apato or Pachyrhino hybrid makes me feel uneasy. Just about everything else is 4 hits or less away from getting KO’d

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Yup, that’s generally because a health tank will show limits in our lineups, generally a pachygalo 11+ means that I have to have something with at least 1,000 attack to safely beat it.

However if we face a metriaphodon or segnosuchus regardless of if it’s a level 4 or a level 40 if we block 2 and it attacks 2 it’s pretty much game over for that creature.

This is why I’ve invested in pteraquetzal and currently have used it in every infinity battle with great success, hopefully we get a gorgo unlock soon as that is another health tank I’m looking forward to unlocking.

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It’s pretty intimidating to go up against a loaded tank without class advantage


unless you are an indoraptor…

Actually I am saying that gorgosuchus and erliphophosaurus are not very good. In the grand scheme someone who has a max Dino of every single one will be hard pressed to fight battles with a L40 erliphosaurus or gorgosuchus. I’m not saying they are trash just saying they are not useful for someone who has beaten the game.

they are not useful because they are tanks with long cooldown … it is basically that dinosaur that only uses it once a week… but we have others options of hybrids

Per example: ostaposaur level 40 has a cooldown time of less than 2 days…

the VIP and tournament dinos are the most useful for me … the hybrids I only use when it is really necessary to use something more op

to get a good use of gorgosuchus and erliphosaurus you need an army of them…

Yes. Which is why at end game they honestly are kind of trash.

that’s the reason I chose to have only two tournament hybrids at max…

and are the ones that I will hardly use…

Let me guess. Gorgo and erlipho

Pachy 18k HP :joy::joy::joy:

for me even a nundagosaurus is more useful than gorgosuchus lol