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Buff rajanchilosaurus


Such as all teropods with counter attack they are too slow and cant never get their shield up with out having half healt already. 109 110 speed would be perfect pls

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Players: Ludia, please fix the game and buff these dinos!

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Rajakylossaurus should have the 20% critic cus raja have it and a speed of 110 at best…
Monostego is a fat tank with 117 speed 30% armor 3× 1.5x damage moves idk why ludia doesn’t buff all counter atack Dinos, they are very weak only tryko is good


I think the reason is because they’re supposedly able to do a lot of damage, but we all know that they are junk as far as competitive refers


My Diorajasaur is NOT junk! He was the only thing keeping the Indominus Rex instant cloakers at bay with their 4x damage BS during my time in Aviary. Now that I got Trykosaurus and Erlidominus AND my Diorajasaur combined I never have to stress on having to worry about those overly used dinos anymore!! You just got to play with them enough and know WHICH moves to do first, second, third, & forth before swapping him back out again for something else.


Rajakylo and dio need a buff, I 100% agree with that.


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More lik
Us: “are you going to debiff, buff or fix all the problems and bugs in the game?”

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