Buff some unique dinos

According to my observations some of the unique Dinos don’t live up to their name as unique dinosaurs. Erlidominus is a great example. It’s one of the dinosaurs that packs cloak but it struggles against a lot of tanky dinosaurs in the meta. Indominus Rex has armor piercing rampage and it becomes defense shattering rampage for indoraptor, which is a reasonable integration as indoraptor is a unique creature, even the other fusion material velociraptor doesn’t have any armor piercing moves.

As a fusion material to another pathway of creating a unique creature, erlikosaur doesn’t have any armor piercing moves either but as a result erlidominus didn’t not get armor piercing rampage. It has low health and that means even with cloak, which gives you 50% chance to dodge, it can still be one hit KO by a lot of dinosaurs. 125 speed is decent but still a lot of dinos outspeed it.

I live in an area that erlikosaur should spawn but I don’t even see it spawn on a weekly basis so you can imagine how hard it’s to level it up to 20, not to mention after reaching 20 you need 200dna every time you fuse. Considering how hard it is to create and level it up, I think armor piercing rampage is what it deserves. Defense shattering rampage is too op for erlidominus since it has cloak.

And I have always been amazed by Trykosaurus’s garbage speed.
My grammar is very terrible and hopefully u can understand I have just written


Trykosaurus is a major pain point of mine. She is incredibly hard and expensive to create as well as to level but in terms of actual performance I agree that speed is a huge problem for her. Just a minor speed buff for her would make a big difference, as it is right now many other Uniques and some legendary outperform her


Hit the nail on the head man… a lot of uniques don’t live up to the name.

People will argue (and I have as well) that hybrids can get both good and bad parts from their ingredients. And truthfully so.

However, a unique should also give you a return on your time and labor…

In fact, there are many legendaries (and epics) that can our perform their uniques. No inscentive for evolving in this case.

I’ll never support nerfing because I think it compromises the integrity of the game, but I do believe there are a few top teir Dinos that have a lot of room for improvement


I agree! Instead of nerfing this nerfing that, they should just buff the dinos that are already available in the game!

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I think it is a fine line Ludia is trying to ride on. I agree that for the time and effort it takes to create a unique Dino, it should truly be unique and awesome! However, if it were to become too OP that it were to be able to smash every Dino not unique, players in arenas without them would be distraught at best.
There is a wonderful argument for each side of that coin. I believe that the uniques should most certainly be able to trounce any Dino that is not its direct counter though.
@Peter_Yiu your description was spot on brother. Thanks for the good read and insight.


The Dev is only interested to nerf; not buff…:rofl:


Thanks Bro!

I agree whole heartedly with your posts. Some of the uniques do need a buff.

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Elridominus, diorajasaur, tuoramolonch are meh uniques, trykosaurus is op vs all except vs another hard hitters cause he is slow a few more speed will be ok for him

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If erlidominus was very easy to creat then I would understand why it’s so meh but in fact it’s extremely difficult to create, so its less than mediocre strength doesn’t make sense