Buff Spinotasuchus or give him a new unique hybrid?

We are talking about the legendary hybrid known as Spinotasucus, fusible using Spinotaraptor and Caprosusucus.

Is’t very hard to see one of this creatures in Pvp or tournament and if you take a look to the lasts meta lists of dinos,it is not even considered as a low elite Dino.
No doubts that Spinothasucus has a low performance nowdays and its uses are very limited in arena as in laboratory during the fuses.
For this reason i think that Spinotasucus can be considered a dead end street.

In my opinion this is a pity because it’s a very well made dino in colors and design and more “Spinosaur” in general it’s one of the most fascinating and loved dinos of all the times. We can remember it in it’s role as alpha predator in Jurassic Park 3.

We also have to consider that spino (no matter which genetic) is already involved in many of the most used pvp dinos like Spinoconstrictor,Erlikospinx and Spinonice but there is still the lack of a good fierce teropod from the spino family in the arenas.

A new unique hybrid with spinotasucus could be a solution but even just improving the actual one is a good idea.
To me,the underperforming of this dino is due to it’s underperforming as fierce dino.
If u take a look to the moveset and immunities we can see that this is a fast bloody trapper thanks to its 129 speed, prevent from opponent’s swap and d.o.t. attacks.
Despite of its moveset and purposes, when we see it in a fight, this dino fails in killing resilients how it is supposed to do because has no immunities to face them (as vulnerability or speed decrease) and only one basic attack to bypass shields and armor and cleanse from vulnerability.

Thanks for reading, share your opinion if you like!!!

Shoulda (ign)


Spinotasuchus is already a superhybrid, so it is unlikely to get a hybrid. But it does need a buff, along with many older dinos.


Lots of old school dinos need a buff. I remember when Spinotasuchus was really good and a threat to deal with.
Spinotahraptor could use one too, it’s bad at everything it was made for.


Testa though


I suppose it could have a unique hybrid but it’s already a super hybrid

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I said unlikely, not impossible. What is impossible is for Ludia to balance creatures in JWA.


Looks like we all think that another hybrid would be hard to fuse, but we have to say that with arctovasilas the limit is already overcome…then maybe now we can expect this and more

It’s not that it would be hard to fuse, it’s that this isn’t a top priority and since it’s a superhybrid already, it’s at the very bottom of the list to get one.

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Of course,any ideas for a ipotetic buff of spinotasucus?

Decel immunity is the main thing it needs. It’s a glass tank buster without the ability to stay ahead of the tank. I’d also say Ferocious Impact for Critical Impact, and a little more health.


It has already a lot of health for how speedy it is though. But as you said speed immunity on it would help a lot.

I totally agree

It’s not that much given it’s role as a bleeder. Most have 4200 (though it really should be more, given they are Spinosaurs and as such usually have larger body sizes than Rex, which has 4500 health.) so 3750 is rather low. I would increase to around 4050 myself.

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Testacornibus is also a superhybrid. But it still got a hybrid Arctovasilas

I copypasted the wrong thing. This is what I meant:
I said unlikely, not impossible. What is impossible is for Ludia to balance creatures in JWA.

Oh OK. 10c

yeeeeeeeeee Thanks for your consideration guys!!! We have it!!!


May or may not have been this thread, but I sincerely hope it was because it would show that Ludia actively listens to the community (they do, but to an extent)

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mattia predicted the future!

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LOL. I like to think that i gave a vote to this dino. I saw also some toolbox builds about a possible albertospino in the suggestions for this update. I was not the only one who asked for it