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Buff Spinotasuchus

Hey @all. What Do u think about the actually Spinotasuchus. Is there anyone left who is still using him? I think he definitely needs a buff again. His most strenght is his speed. But without boosting him a lot of other dinosaurs are faster now. And with his acutally moveset it isnt worth to boost him. I think He would be a good teammate again, if ludia would give him immunity as example.
What Do u think about that and his actually role in the game.


:raised_hand: I still use her. I still think her bleed is really useful against the high health dinos, and her high base speed makes it easier to boost her speed to something higher than a lot of the other dinos as well.

However, I was planning on replacing her with Erlikospyx.

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I like it. Haven’t leveled as it’s baby has higher bleed and damage and its dna is too hard to come by but it’s a few levels away from my level cap. So I will be able to level spino up.

Could you give us a review on it?

Not sure where youre playing but I still see them daily. As mentioned above her high base spd makes her an easy boost and the bleed ability can wreck certain Dinos.

My baby, still extremely useful. Does 4.6k on the crit impact, and the bleed is one of the only things keeping tryko and the newly buffed super scary dio in check. Putting a bleed on something and letting spino die also provides perfect setup opportunities for the next Dino in my lineup. It’s still a Swiss army knife kinda Dino, with the crit for the fastish frail Dinos, and the bleed for tankier ones


Mines the exact same as that. Love mine too

Spinotah was my third legendary :sob::sob:. The only problem she had was that she crit more with LW than Critimp :joy:

I think the stats are fine, I’m not using her, but I think she could have a more useful basic strike, such as distraction, as it takes after the raptor parent.

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This isn’t only true for Spinotasuchus. Speed boosts are a rebalance favoring slower dinos over fast ones. Slow dinos have other advantages to make up for their low speed. In this meta it often happens that they have speed on top of that too.

I still use SpinotaS. It’s one of the very best legendaries. I’m not sure it needs a buff as a legendary dino.

Yes it needs a better basic attack than “Strike” like maybe a distraction cleanse or a slowing strike. Way too useless for a basic move. Though nobody really uses it anyway. It’s all about the Bleed and Swoop combo

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Yeah, that’s why I think Distraction will be a good counter to chompers while the bleeding takes action, so it wouldn’t necessarily be one for one as it is with some matchups.

Spinotasuchus is fine, it’s the unique > legendary rule in the 129 speed category that needs to be abolished.

The only change spino needs is a change to basic strike. Minimal wounding strike 10% bleed for 1 turn or something would more than suffice. Sarcosuchus has the minimal wound so no reason spino couldn’t have it. No other legendary had basic strike as utahsino and paramoloch got better basic strikes now.


If every legendary is buffed to be as good or better than uniques , there’s no point in going for uniques is there ?
It seems daft to me that so many people moan about their dinos becoming less effective after time . That’s the whole point of tiers , grinding , boosting and continuing to play .
So I don’t want to see a buff for Spino , it’s fine as it is .


No dino is meant to be a “do all” tool. Spinotasuchus’s job is to act 1st and bleed, may as well ask for swap in slow so it can slow bleed distract and buff. Please understand that every dino has to have limitations and weaknesses

It would need a distracting attack to be able to distract. ijs


My point was simply the requests to give something every move

Look at Utahsino. it’s fast, slowing, distracting, critting, and instant stun. Needless to say it is the Ace on my team. I would take Utahsino 100 times over spino

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It did get a small buff and I sti use her. But really, with Erlikospyx, it’s gonna get less used