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Buff spxs

This is question that has stumped me. Why does spxs have so low health, I mean why is it so low I mean look

One shot

Btw it only had 1130 attack

Like I mean it’s parents have higher health than it

Lol I’m not saying give it super hp but it needs something cause it way to frail( All of it’s cousins except gama have higher health) pls buff spxs even if it’s just 100 extra health it would help make the creature a lot more useable considering it’s one of the few creatures that can go thru evasive


I would go as far as giving It 3300 hp. With the boosts being unfavorable to speedsters, they should get some buffs to compensate.


benefitted by 75% 2 turn distract.
but with immunes and high damage dinos, doesn’t make difference many situations now.

the big problem was dracoceratops. now is faster erlidominus, ardentismaxima and yoshi.


Actually erlidom won’t be a problem if it couldn’t one shot it

I agree … especially since every other Dino has immune-to-distraction these days.


As a fellow spyx user and big fan I stand by two changes one buff damage to 1650 to be able to beat erlidom at equal levels and boosts. And 2 which is a two pronged change is one remove armour piercing from definite rampage, 2 give spy definite rampage. Maxima should also have this definite rampage but that’s a separate thread. Leave it’s health it should be glass cannon.


I like the idea of definite rampage on it I mean spino has it so it makes sense I guess but I think that make it a bit op :sweat_smile: but if it keeps its current health it could work

Except and those who aren’t usually have a stun or there own distraction

But the buff to damage may be a bit much just 1.6 k or 1.550 would be good too

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the crit did hit though and it was a bad match up against indo g2 cautious strike. A little boost in health will do. Good luck

Lol mine was tier three health

If it doesn’t go through armour then the move itself is more balanced which already has been seen in the code. Anything less than 1650 attack means it cannot deal with erlidom which should be a 50/50 not automatic spyx loss.

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True well hopefully that comes to pass

Yeah I’m really bummed. I started boosting mine and levelling it, only to take it off my team. Its just not useful and dies too easily. The things it counters have better counters that don’t leave me wide open.

I want more damage.

Think about it, changing definite like that is the same as making it a worse nullify, so no thank you. Giving it to spyx will get rid of it’s turn 1 rampage, making it way worse. So basically killing both dinos. The point of definite is to bypass everything, that shouldn’t be changed. Though I agree that be on damage, health, or even both, spyx needs a buff. In terms of moveset, I think it’s perfect.

Many things that are datamined never really happen, some could even be typos. Just because something has been datamined it is by no means confirmed. Armor and crit boosts have been datamined as well, but probably due to the players’ reaction or even their own decision, have never been implemented. Many dinos and moves have been datamined, some ended up in the game, some didn’t. And I really hope the definite one never comes to be, might as well just delete definite if it is to become this bad.

Spyx should have same stats or better than Erlidominus, so It should be 3300 health and 1600 atack at least. I dont understand why a total inmune criature has better stats than a parcial inmune criature.
Right now a versus between Spyx and Erlidominus is a guaranteed win for Erlidominus, and It shouldnt be.


did i calc wrong, or a lvl 22 maxima can finish a lvl 30 spyx?

finished also by a lvl 24 gemini… lvl 22 yoshi… if dodge works once, by a lvl 25 indominus g1 and g2…