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Buff T. rex + Add Rexy

With the addition of Acro, Rex does seem a bit overshadowed by fellow epic chompers. Each of the epic chompers right now has a unique niche (Allo G2 - cleanse and rend, Acro - cleanse and defence shattering, Rex - brute force). So given that Rex specialises in brute force and lacks any resistances/cleansing abilities, it should be objectively better than Allo and Acro in terms of pure stats. Give Rex an extra 300 health (it’s literally the bulkiest theropod to ever exist) and a tad bit of damage to make it the highest damage. Isn’t Rex’s bite supposed to be “unmatched” and “enough to crush bone”? Don’t even get me started on why she’s slower than a sloth… :man_facepalming:

Add Rexy to the game

  • Yes :slight_smile:
  • No :frowning:

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I mean, the in-game stats are primarily a gameplay mechanic, not true to life. We have dino hybrids, mutants like the Apex dinos, and inaccurate representations in stuff like Velociraptor. So if you want true realism, this isn’t the place. The stats were defintely inspired by real life, but ultimately determined by balancing reasons.

I do agree that T Rex has somewhat been outshined by Allo G2 and now Acro, but I’m not sure what to do about that. I don’t think it should do more damage: it’s still tied for the highest damage besides Mortem, and T Rex should not be outdamaging Mortem. Even from the perspective of realism, it still does the most damage out of all the real-life creatures in the game :sweat_smile: - it makes sense that a monstrous T Rex mutant like Mortem would outdamage a real T Rex. Though I maintain that the stats do not and should not perfectly reflect real life. Plus, if you look at the information we have about Acro so far, while I couldn’t see the level, it’s attack seems significantly lower than T Rex, so it wouldn’t need a damage buff to outshine these two in terms of raw damage output (though Allo G2 does get fairly close, especially considering Rending Takedown). If anything, they could nerf Tenontorex’s attack slightly so T Rex is more clearly the “number 2”. Giving T Rex a bit more HP or maybe some speed might work though? If you think about the class triangle they’re going for, cunnings are faster than fierce, and resilients can become faster than cunning through deceleration, so fierce should be faster than resilient but slower than cunning. I do worry about that though, because speed tends to be a chomper’s only low stat, so you can make some really fast boosted monsters quite easily.

I want them to experiment with what fierce can do besides simple shield break (not saying that cleansing is the way to go though), but unfortunately that means that some of the more straightforward fierce dinos like T Rex seem plain by comparison.


I’d simply give her an immunity to distraction. Then she would have her niche.

As with other similar mediums, the older options are sadly phased out in favour of newer because that’s what they want you to spend your time and effort on now.

It’s also why I strongly support the idea of getting a stronger Rexy as a Tyrannosaurus Rex variant.


Lol a chomper that is completely immune to it’s main weakness? Maybe not? Acro and Allo having cleanse on their basic strikes is bad enough. Her only weaknesses would be what, deceleration and dodge? She would definitely have a niche though…


Going by this discussion, she is meant to a T Rex so I don’t see it as a problem thematically. But what else could you do to give her a niche of her own and bring her more up to date?

I just don’t think the problem here is T Rex being bad, but the other two being better (or at least more versitile). You still see T Rex in the higher arenas from time to time, usually with a lot of boosts. T Rex is certainly more one-dimensional than other chompers, but it still does raw damage better than anything else. I do think having Rexy in the game would be cool, and she should have some kind of niche, I just wouldn’t choose distraction immunity. Maybe deceleration immunity instead (despite the risk). I have a theory that they gave Gorgosaurus immunity to deceleration as an experiment to see how that would affect chompers for a possible future buff, but it needs to have higher base speed or several speed boosts for that to actually make a difference.

Immunity to distraction just isn’t the way to go. Cunnings are supposed to beat fierce, and most rely on distraction to do that. Velociraptor is supposed to beat T Rex, not the other way around (even if Rexy does this in the movies).

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Perhaps they could have Rexy emulate Secodontosaurus, with 50% distraction resistance rather than full immunity? It would still be a cool nod to the end if Jurassic Park, beating the raptors. She would definitely have to sacrifice some of her attack stat to get that resistance though. They could potentially tack on some minor armor and/or deceleration immunity too, but too many of these might make her too strong?


Yes, even just a 50% resistence to Distraction would be nice.


Just give she a cleansing shattering strike

How about just 50% crit Chance; speed becomes 105


99% critical change :thinking:

I agree. If we wanted to make more realistic stats (which I would base off of JP and not real life, though that would’ve been a cool option for the GEN-2), we’d have something more like this:
Stats at level 26:
Health: 4650 Damage: 1900
Armor: 10% Crit. Chance: 30%
Speed: 112
Armor Piercing Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
(I set it all to only armor piercing because if we want realism then when something like Ankylosaurus prepares a block/shield a Tyrannosaurus literally would not be able to bite through. Watch a dog try to grab a large, fully-inflated beach ball. Or try biting down on the top of a turtle’s shell)

However, for game purposes, I am 100% okay with Tyrannosaurus being a pure chomper and nothing more. I’m okay with it not having any unique moves because its place is literally just damage. No fancy rend, cleansing, distraction, etc. Just raw damage.

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Give all rex have Primal Brace

I think should add a new dinosaur call “Rexy” like they added Blue and the rest of the squad.

Stats at level 26 :
Health : 4800
Damage : 1950
Speed : 107(To match with indominous)
Crit : 40%
Armor : 0%

Move set:
Roar(Mortem’s basic attack)
Armor Piercing Rampage
Defense Shattering Rampage

Resistances :
100% Vulnerability
75% DOT
75% Swap Prevention
75% Speed Decrease
50% Stun

No distraction resistance because it has to be countered, it has two rampages because the queen of rex’s needs to be able to dish out some damage. Overall just a better Rex with lower T1 damage output. Still worse than Mortem so he still has a purpose.


I mean, you’re right with the idea of ​​upgrading the Rex.

The truth is I have a very OP idea of ​​the rex, but you have to balance it more, and it would be assumed that its attack would be incous, parable but the tenontorex equals it.

The truth should be stronger the rex, in addition to being the most iconic creature in the saga, while the allosaurus only appears once.

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this is the best option if it is implemented to rexy.

I think rex is fine as is. Take allo gen 2 and rex. Sure allo gen 2 is better because of it’s crit, speed, and strike. However, rex’s turn 2 is much MUCH better. Rending takedown doesn’t belong on something like allo gen 2. The only time it’s doing more damage Than if it had a rampage is if it fights diplodocus, brachiosaurus, or apatosaurus. Meanwhile, I could literally swap a velociraptor in on allo gen 2 when it uses RT and possibly take it out. Meanwhile rex is doing a flat 3800 damage no matter the opponent. So I think rex is fine

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if they where to add rexy (I don’t want them too). it would be weaker than Indom.

Yeah but a cleanse shattering strike doesn’t belong on a chopper either, take away the cleanse or shattering and allo g2 will be fine.

I did make it weaker than indom in my opinion, honestly cloak alone makes the indom pretty good.