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Buff the Boas

Can we not buff the Boas to be something more thematic? They certainly aren’t the fastest creatures available, but for that “Snake Strike” effect of real ambush predators they ought to have one Instant attack available to them.

And a little more HP for each of them. Make them at least marginally more relevant.

*Disclaimer: I have no experience with Spinoconstrictor. Maybe that one’s well-represented, I have no idea.


As someone with a lvl 26 spinocon with 5/5 boosts I can wholeheartedly tell you it needs buffing big time


I think Titanoboa is fine, if anything it needs a very slight damage reduction so it doesn’t deal 4500 in 2 hits, but the hybrid boas are all lacking some way or other. Titanoboa G2 is solid, but maybe it could do with a little something, like a small damage increase.

First we need more snakes. Then they can buff the old ones. Although i think titanoboa gen 1 is the only strong snake

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Give the Dilophoboa On Escape Rampage!!! its so usefull especially with so many cowards wanting the cheap kill of Swap in Damage

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Titanoboa itself is very powerful, I’d say even too powerful especially if it comes to its damage, although I agree, except both titanoboas, all snakes deserve buffs (especially spinoconstrictor), because now, after thor buff, it became practically useless. In my opinion, both constrictor and dilophoboa should recieve some kind of resillient move, becasue overall snakes are resillient creatures, while these two are pure cunning, what I find completly illogical.

Only spinocon and diloboa need buffs. The others are very solid. Leveled spinocon to 30 and yet its better to just use a rat or rixis lol. Good balance.

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What about majundaboa?

I find its HP pool far too small to be of much use regarding its kit.


Yeah perhaps that one needs a small push too but its not too far off.

Unlike diloboa and spinocon who are pretty horrible. Why grind for a spinocon when you can just use an all maxxed dc rat… I have lvl 30 spinocon for nothing bench warmer along side entelolania 30.

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Tested Majundaboa at an even level. It needs a solid health buff. It does not have enough in its kit to be of much use as an equal-level retaliator.

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