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Buff the film hybrids

I find it ridiculous how weak the film hybrids are in this game

why are the film hybrids so lackluster in this game, a level 16 Allosinosaurus and Tyrannolophosaur have more damage than a level 18 Indominus Rex. Is there a reason they have such low stats?


Give them both back their original dodge and they will be back to worthwhile


Because film relevancy doesn’t equate to power. JWA isn’t exactly cannon.


No, not the BS dodge. I agree they’ve exaggerated in the evasion nerf, but still, it’s better like this than the way it was.

They should indeed get better stats or moveset.


Both of the film hybrids needs a buff to be meta relevant end game dino’s.

Indoraptor, needs ;

  • Immunity ( cleanse, becomes something else)
  • 10-15% armor
  • Maybe a speed buff to 129

Indominus Rex, needs ;

  • Speed buff to 109+
  • 10% armor
  • Maybe a “status effect” on it’s strike move, bleed for example.

This game needs more diversity in the meta game.


Couldn’t agree more with this. Indominus Rex should be a beast like it was in the film.


i think i’ve already mentioned my buff ideas for indominus rex atleast twice before, and im gonna say/mention them again, so my buff ideas for indominus rex is:
– increase her speed to either 109, 110 or 111
–replace armour piercing rampage with defense shattering rampage
– replace armour piercing impact with distracting impact
– give her 10% to 20% armour
and maybe, but just a huge MAYBE increase her base attack/damage to 1500

and another few overall changes i would like for the indominus rex is:
– change that 13 feet tall BS in her “about this creature” text thing to 20 feet tall, like it should say, and like the indominus rex really is when full grown, and seriously, this is something that have bothered ne ever since i started playing this game back in early or mid june last year, so this is something i want changed as soon as possible pretty much no matter what
– maybe give her a atleast a little bit more movie accurate looking design/model
– maybe give her more movie accurate sounding roars and other noises
and maybe even give her some of her very own unique animations, made specifically for her (the indominus rex)

and yes, i am a very huge indominus rex fan if you can’t already tell… she’s my number 1 favourite dinosaur/hybrid in this game, all other dinosaur games that have indominus rex in it, the actual movie franchise, and in general


The movie hybrids were “tip of the iceberg” dinos and are already fine the way the are. Indom would be op with DSR and is honestly well balanced as intended, there are several dinos who need attention before her. Indo needs a tweak as a unique, a speed buff would be enough but a move buff would require her speed to remain unchanged. We should be asking for balance but often people want to severely buff their personal favorites without seeing the bigger picture, the movie hybrids were early iterations and not the end all be all


The bigger picture here is ;

We want more diversity in the meta game, and these iconic hybrids should be made end game viable dinos.

Not just stepping stones/mid game dino’s.

One way to implement this, is to buff the popular dinos from the movies.

Give V-Raptor, T-Rex, Pachy, etc etc a buff too.

LUDIA clearly follows movie lore a bit.

Look at the buff Blue got because of her movie antics.

I respect your opinion, but you forgot to mention that this is your subjective opinion, and you state that everybody wants to buff their favorites.

This is constructive feedback to Ludia.

We have valid arguments for our opinions, so please show some respect for other people’s opinion.

There are lot of players who want these iconic hybrids made viable.

Gigaspika is faster than Indom.

And Yoshi outclasses Indoraptor.

That’s not balance and it needs to be fixed.


actually indominus rex and stegodeus are equally as fast, or atleast as long as they are the same level and without boosts (both has a base speed of 107)

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and speaking of buffing velociraptor, i do have a slight buff idea for velociraptor aswell:
– replace pounce with precise pounce
– replace strike with “distraction”
– give her either swap in distraction, swap in dodge, swap in wound, swap in nullification or swap in definite strike
– and maybe even give her atleast a slight health buff


i also have a buff idea for indoraptor too:
– give him immunity
– replace cleansing impact with debilitating distraction
– replace evasive stance with either distracting impact, ferocious strike, ferocious impact, lethal wound or gashing wound


You are completely right. Mistake on my part, just fixed it and I thought Stegod was 108.

Slower than a Gigaspika then :slight_smile:

And I have to add, great input on the topic.

Very good ideas to help them become what they should have been already.


Well Indom would be a force to reckon with if it weren’t for the utter robbery of its cloaking ability. It is like being stripped of identity. But once again, complain frequently and often in the forums to get in favor with Ludia. That is how it all works in the forums. Certain people get catered to while the rest get shafted.

Still patiently waiting for velociraptor Gen 2. Make it happen Ludia :grinning:


i also hope we get velociraptor gen 2, then i think we could maybe even get indominus rex gen 2, indoraptor gen 2 and erlidominus gen 2 aswell :smile:

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I’m surprised they haven’t entered the pokemon-like field yet and created Blue Indoraptor, Charlie Indoraptor, Delta Indoraptor and Echo Indoraptor :joy:


No DS to Indom. Distraction, I can agree with you on that.

what is the big problem with indominus rex having defense shattering? it still has quite a few counters anyways

Give it bleed :love_you_gesture:t2: