Buff the free incubator


There is practically no point in opening the free incubator, all it gives you is a couple of darts and bucks and 1 DNA multiplied with your level. Can we make it actually worth opening?


I’ve been saying the same thing. I mean it could at the very least give 30 DNA or something.


I was told to stop whining about it as it is free… But I agree


I am level 11 and you still get 12 DNA, will be some time before I get the 7500 needed to level my velo


Agreed. It’s pretty useless at the moment.

I say they should get rid of it and have a monthly login card like a lot of mobile games.

Some of the later days in the month could even grant some Legendary DNA or something like that.


they should indeed buff it, perhaps add daily challenges and weeklys?


It’s better than a swift kick I’m the pants every 5 hours. It’s the answer to walking in games like P-mon Go


I don’t care too much about dna, I can collect it everywhere. I am happy there are always 2 or 3 bucks, for me not VIP not spending for obtaining bucks.


Any buff is always welcome, but there is never any harm in obtaining a free incubator every 5 hours, even if it obtains a small amount of DNA.

I see every sides point of view, but you can never please everyone. As it stands in my opinion they should just leave them as they are, as there is nothing broken or wrong with them.