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Buff the movie stars!


Like the title,I always think that dino that stars in the movie should be better than other dinos in its rarity(ex:T-rex should be better than its epic counterparts,she is a main star of the movie since the very beginning,but rarely seen in higher tier battles anymore which I found pretty silly)same as Blue and her cousins,etc.And if you think about it,the I-rex in the movie is portrayed as an ferocious unbeatable creature,which even can survive a RPG blast,but some people even don’t put her in the lineup because she is not as good as she should be.


I agree. T rex is too slow and the crit doesnt work as often as those with 5 to 20%. And then they nerfed it!

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I finally took T-Rex out of my lineup not long ago…moving up, she just became a liability to draw than something useful or look forward to. I’d really like to see her get a larger health pool, be able to potentially survive getting a couple good hits and a real chance to do some damage.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. I’m so unbelievably disappointed that I can’t have Blue a permanent member on my team. I love love love her especially after the newest movie, and it’s depressing that she isn’t nearly as good as she should be. A regular Velociraptor is faster than her, I mean come on!! T Rex is like the iconic dino. What everyone thinks of when you think of dinosaurs or JP/JW. There was public outcry when the Spinosaurus in JP3 snapped it’s neck. By definition, it is legendary. Yet in game it’s only an epic and unable to be played in higher arenas. A dino shouldn’t have to be a crazy hybrid to be useable long term.


I’m just waiting for themaxx to post a screenshot of their lvl 24 rex.


I agree as well, Carno is one of the star dinos needing a buff badly. BTW, the epic Rex IS the original Rex from Nublar, the Rex Gen2 was the Rex on Sorna.

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Yes and Carnotaurus is my favorite dino ever. I’m dying for a Carno hybrid. DYING.

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I’d settle for a buff that makes Carno USEABLE.


Even if they buff Carno, it’s still a rare and won’t be useable in higher arenas.


Rex should have all the big hitting moves. 4-5 moves in all. Ferocious strike, critical impact for eg, as well as his moves now. Just have appropriate cool downs.

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So happy many people actually agree with this,I mean this game is based on the movie itself right?so how come for example the mightiest.ever.Rexy is so weak here?


I’m in arena 9 and still have TREX in my deck. She is extremely useful. You cannot play her whenever you want however. You need to setup for her entrance. She’s by no means dominant in every situation but has won me several battles. The issues I’d guess you are having are 1: it’s underleveled bc you need dna for hybrids… and it’s epic so it’s pricey to level it past 15
2: using her too freely, instead of capitalizing on her strength. She crushes tanks and will survive to attack any tank twice so long as you are properly leveled.


Some non hybrids are ok… sadly blue is not. She is a raptor and lacks cleanse or immunity so she got the axe when they nerfed raptors in general

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She’s very strong in this game, most people who want her buffed stop leveling her at 15. Any hybrid tank you make is at 16… most people have a level 20+ stegodeus (in the arenas that we are discussing or noticing Rexys drop in power). There’s a massive difference between Dino’s with a 5 level gap. The high levels typically win even vs their counters.


I agree with you and the original poster of this topic. In the arenas it does make me sad that we can’t use both T-Rexes or Blue as much as we would like. The T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur so obviously those are my top 2 favorite dinosaurs in the game and Blue is right behind them at number 3. Than again I don’t really do arena battles anymore do to how frustrating it can be and how unfair it seems to be at times. I stick to gym battles where I use Stegaceratops, Blue, Indominus, and Epic T-Rex and that’s all I need for gyms.

The public outcry of JP3 when the Spinosaurus snapped the T-Rexes neck included me. That part really frustrated me and is obviously my least favorite moment of the Jurassic Park/World franchise. So now with each movie that comes I always have this fear of them killing the T-Rex once again. I now also carry that same fear for Blue. I don’t ever want to see anymore T-Rexes or Blue die.


Stegosaurus features in the movie, make her a legendary.


Can’t agree more,I mean,Rexy’s entry should be enough to make us think “this is gonna get nasty” ,now the only good thing about her is IF she can land that 1 sometimes 2 critical hit(s),if the hit is not a critical,then she is basically useless


If they ever kill Blue, I am completely done with the franchise. I won’t watch another movie or play another game, buy my son another toy or article of clothing…they will be dead to me. So let’s hope they learned their lesson from the Spinosaurus vs Rex incident. I forgave that one eventually, but if they kill off Blue I will not be so forgiving.

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Blue actually is very good and best raptor in game. Problem is just getting her dna. Usually she is available st events same time as Pyroraptor and pyro’s dna is needed for hybrid.


In JW, that Spino skeleton was brought over from Sorna. In the years between JP3 and JW, according to lore, the Spino died. His skeleton was used to decorate the promenade in front of the huge visitor center at Jurassic World.

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