Buff the pterasaurs

I think that all dinosaurs that have wings are really weak and should be buffs. Who agrees


I agree with you mate, even in Ark they have more affection.
They must have more damage, life They are fierce! and even a pure resilient beats him


Dimo is prime example like what 500 dmg what’s up @J.C @moderators

there you see the references of ludia, the bleeding usually have little Dmg in any case

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I think that dimo should have a lot more dmg because they look deadly in that scene in jw

I guess 1150 or 1200 would be fine right?


Yes it would be good

I hope that they buff then in 2.4

And also the hybrid birds like koolab

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Phorusaura and Kelenken both have wings lol. But I agree regarding the pterosaurs.

Kelenken is amazing, but that nerf was unneeded. I agree with pterosaur buffs though, my poor level 15 darwin hasn’t beat a single Darwin in the tourney yet. Heck it lost to a level 11 brachi…

They should Buff stigydaryx


Kelenken having the same attack damage as Thor was unnecessary though. If they wanted to improve its turn-1 damage or something they could have just given it Evasive Impact.
At least it still beats Acro with 1600 though.

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Good point, but now it can’t one shot andrewsarchus, plus it was nice to see a cunning with a bit of diversity. I mean it wasn’t broken atleast :man_shrugging:

Kind of hard for a cunning to be broken in a resilient meta lol


Asking for pterosaur buffs? Be careful what you wish for…

What about giving all pterosaurs a special move
such as this-
Fearless Flight

Cooldown: 2.

Target: Team.–Cleanse all negative effects. Increase speed by 30.0% for 2 turns, 4 attacks.

Target: All Opponents.–Reduce speed by 50.0% for 2 turns. Attack 2X.

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With how hard it gets bodied by resilients I think it would be fine

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Pterasaurs need some sort of buff, definitely. Problem is that the Pterasauria family were meant to represent swap in attackers and they still do but their swap in attacks have less utility than others. Swap in wound is alright, same with distraction, shield and invincibility less so and ferocity just falls flat as it’s on creatures with minimal health.

They need to be tweaked in some way.

Counter attackers given more health and a possible speed resistance. Swap in ferocity could be replaced with swap in ferocious strike for more utility.

The resilient ones are decent I think. Sure they aren’t ground breaking and some could benefit from a tiny bit more damage, but I think for this most part this is fine.

The bleeders 100% need a speed decrease immunity. Touch up the health to maybe 3600 instead of 3000 and you have more survivability. Give them higher damage and that would be good enough.

Then we have the more “out of the box” ones


One of my favourite Pterasaurs which I used as an old answer to Thor. He’s sitting at level 24 right now and I’m looking for any excuse to get him back in my team. This thing has great health but personally I think it could benefit from more damage, a rampage and instant Distraction instead of invincibility


Probably the clear winner in terms of strength when talking about Pterasaurs, this is a pretty decent creature but still not an amazing unique. It’s health and speed are moveset are nice, but personally I would like to see it as a more agressive creature and dangerous bleeder, having a kit like this
download (48)


My favourite creature in the game which has one of the most interesting and unique strategies behind it. It’s clear what Ludia was trying to do, create a creature that denies all the rules of swap prevention, can take hits with shields and constantly swap in and out to inflict DoT on the enemy. It’s a fairly meh unique, very fun to use but needs new tricks. More health is a must have, speed and stun resistance would be appreciated. A possible combination of cleansing and lethal swoop could be handy, especially if combined with a move that allows it to stall for a few turns till it’s ready. Another damaging move? Implication of shields into its basic attack? Stunning moves ?(as Stygi G2 has relatives who can stun) A new, unique SIA ? All things Ludia could consider to make a new, more powerful and manoeuvrable Stygidaryx

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They need a movement in common, something that makes them stand out