Buff this!

I know that everyone is so tired of “nerf this” and “nerf that,” so I’d like to introduce “Buff this!” This will be a daily (or whenever I feel like it) updated thread where we go through the list of dinos that need buffs (minor, major, or completely reworked), and we all make our own versions of it! We’ll go through hybrids first, then non-hybrids, and then superhybrids! (I feel like mega hybrids are in no need of a buff for now) Here’s our list! We are going in alphabetical order, so today only post alankylo buffs!


I’ll start. Keep in mind, the point of this is to make them good, but BALANCED. if I see a 6k hp alankylo I won’t take you seriously


I would say that ankylocodon and phorusaura are ballanced


Ankylocodon is a bit underpowered. It just needs a slight attack and speed buff and it’ll be fine. Pho has an argument for being fine where it is. Maybe could use a little more hp


But, either way, this thread isn’t just for me to make stuff, why not throw in your own alankylo buff!

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Well, as we have only a few number of broken creatures, nerfing them clearly would be more efficient :slight_smile:

But hey, as this post is about buffing and not nerfing, my proposal would be the following:
Buff every Unique and Apex that is not Skoona, Phorurex, AnkyLux, Vasilas, Indotaurus, Paratops, SR3 and maybe Spino

This is mine, I think it’s relatively balanced.


With a pretty big health buff, a small attack buff, and a drastic change to resistances, and with two move changes that I felt made sense due to fearless flap being basically a cautious move, aquilamimus is probably not better than current gamma and velos like this, but way better than it was.



Ok, that sounds good

I see you have Megalosuchus included.
As such, you have my undying support.


Omg I actually love this. That’s way different from what I was expecting. Thanks swan!

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Hey you! Yeah you reading this post. I made this for the community to share their unique ideas, like swan did. If you haven’t yet, please try out the creature maker here: Jwa maker once you get the hang of it, try buffing and posting whatever Dino we are looking at today! Thanks :heart:

Clearly, you didn’t read the post. You know this post is for buffs, not nerfs, so why post this? It’s just rude. I also mentioned how we are currently buffing the hybrids first. There is only one hybrid unique, and I feel it’s balanced for now. We will start buffing uniques after we buff non hybrids next. Please, read the post before commenting. This is supposed to be a no nerf place, as everyone is tired of the “nerf this” threads

It’ll be a bit before we get to her, but we will rework her, and I already have ideas :slight_smile:



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my note about megalogaia is bassicaly the caribou migration :rofl:

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Same with entelochops and gamma


Keep in mind, by buffs I don’t always mean complete overhauls. In egamma’s case, I think she just needs 3150 hp. (to avoid raptor one shots) echops DEFINITELY needs some love. 20% crit would do wonders, and an attack buff to 1200 would help so much. I tried using echops on my alt for so long, and she struggles so much

My take on Alankylo


I gave Andrew a little more health

And I also see that my iPad needs changing