Buff this!

It’s Miragaia today right?

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Waaaaay too OP

I tried making the strongest common ever and that was the result

Today is miragaia!

Luckily I had one pre made since miragaia is part of my stegosaurid buff :smiley:

Oh it has the decel counter too, friggin iOS update ruining everything

Only thing it needs to lose is distract resist

Like this?

It doesn’t need DOT resist. We are buffing dinos to be balanced, not the best of their rarity…


It’s also a little beefy. Lower hp down to 3750

Made it more of a group attacker rather than a slower

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I wanna lower it down to 4200 or 4050 is that ok?

3900 is the highest it should be. Even then that’s really high. It should really be 3750

no more distraction immunity on counter attackers unless they’re snakes


Andrewtops, Anky Lux, Antarctovenator, Diplovenator, and ironically enough Megalosaurus say Hello there. I don’t mind it, but I think it should be for creatures with low damage counter attacks over just snakes (Andrew really shouldn’t then by that rule have a full damaging counter but oh well). Plus there’s only 2 with physical counter attacks, the other one that can damage uses DoT.


It works Ig…

I forgot about those lol. My main issue with that miragaia in general is that it had heals, distract immunity, and shields, Along with its decel counter. All of that on a common is super op

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Yeah I agree there. Just wanted to point those out.

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