Buff this!

It works Ig…

I forgot about those lol. My main issue with that miragaia in general is that it had heals, distract immunity, and shields, Along with its decel counter. All of that on a common is super op

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Yeah I agree there. Just wanted to point those out.

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Got it sorry only just noticed that was mentioned :sweat_smile: I just wanted it to be more of a flock killer and decent resilient

Is today Monolopho?

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Today is monolophosaurus


Monolophosaurus: little more of every generic stat, and changed its moveset a little.

Now, I know what you´re thinking. ¨You gave Cunning Impact more cooldown!!¨ Okay, two reasons why I did that:

1.) If you do DI first, then you´ll probably (75% of the time) go for NRAR. Therefore, it wouldn´t matter.
2.) It distracts for two turns instead of one now

Screenshot 2022-06-23 3.01.12 PM
and don´t even try to argue to me about switching DR to NRAR, it already has enough damage reduction
(don´t worry you can was just trying to be sassy)

Attack can be lowered


Nanah the attack is perfect

im assuming today is mono Gen 2

Mono 2: I basically gave it a little more of every generic stat, made CS shield, turned DI to ECI, gave it a distraction counter, and a couple resistances

You might complain that I made DI distract for one less turn, but in turn, it is priority and has evasiveness and crit reduction and cleanses DOT

Screenshot 2022-06-24 6.23.05 AM

It do be monoloph g2


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Doesn’t need too much much for it to be a really good cunning for commons. Small speed buff. 100 attack buff. Hp buff. gains CS and an on escape with resists that are good for cunnings

Just a few stat changes and resistances added

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A bit late the Mono but got one.

Suuuuuper late but today is moschops

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