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Buff to nodopatotitan

please ludia, make a buff to the nodopatotitan you have abandoned it, raise its statistics and change its decelerating impact to decelerating devastation of group that, its components have devastations and the hybrid does not have it, also put the medium resilient counter or a medium counterattack, and the shields are for the group and not oneself, PLEASE LUDIA MAKE A BUFF TO THE NODOPATOTITAN


Next update im pretty sure they will nerf it instead :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Well tbh, I don’t might. Why not a legendary super hybrid be good. Like just because it is legendary it should not be good? Like this creature is no where close good. It’s a shame for him as a super hybrid

Do you mean decelerating rampage?


Pre sure he does and it probably should get a rampage or another good raid taunt type move if its place isn’t going be in the arena

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The person means Rampage. It gets translated as devastation in some versions of the game.


Yea, thought I saw something like that before

Yes , this attack , but attack of group

With the greatest respect, why would anyone bother with unique towers if legendary are going to be as good?

For apples to apple comparison, who needs to spend months gathering and growing 3 components to make Thor when just last week I got Albertosaurus up to the same level with more damage in one week and not only that but can do instant “Killer Instinct” every other round with shield shattering armor piercing damage.


I don’t know how many got this thing or working on growing it to their team level but if enough get this up there, there is going to be a nerf cry that a rare can be this powerful.

The good thing is it has a very effective counter which I figured out playing the tournament against Albertosaurus. I am working to find and grow this thing to team level. I have enough DNA to get it to 19 at the moment with one more day. They gave us scissors and then a rock to break it.


I’d really just advocate for a rework than a buff.