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Buff Touramoloch


Anyone else feel like Touramoloch is weak? Seems like it should have a 2x damage run at least like para, or insta stun, maybe some armor or higher damage would help? I had to bench mine today, at lvl 23 it seems useless, no brainer to use stegodeus instead.


I agree… even IC would be a decent buff for it and some kind of rampage.


It depends how you use it - it is definitely a bit niche; good article by @Heather here:


It does need a buff. ASAP.


I don’t think that article is current, they made a few changes since then


yeah, definitely not easy to make with an arena exclusive epic. should be one of the best uniques in the game tbh.

hopefully dio and tuora in 1.7
and pterovexus and stygidaryx
really need more variety in the arena


It needs some more base damage, that is all. Don’t break her, her kit is fine as is.

Stunning Rampage shouldn’t ever been a thing, so don’t give her that.

Imo even rampage and run would be a bit excessive, since it only needs extra base damage. But maybe rampage and run. Maybe.


im guessing the reason it doesn’t have rampages is because it has counter-attack
but still, it’s very underwhelming


It has crap base damage. If she had like +150 or something, she would be a lot more devastating.


Take it back to when its damage stat was 1400

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Give it vulnerability strike! :slight_smile:

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I benched him and I don’t miss him at all


Its one of my fav dinos but unfortunately at 26 its pretty useless still at the 5000 trophy range. Needs a overhaul or damage increase.


I could level her to 25 today but I’m waiting to see if ludia actully do anything with her.


YES, PLEASE! It’s so cool looking, but it’s a benchwarmer.


YES. Ours is L29 and not in the team.

That says it all!!

A L29 UNIQUE … not team-worthy… :exploding_head:

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