Buff Trykosaurus

Trykosaurus really seems to lag lately with some of the crazy new Uniques despite being composed entirely of epics. Seems like some of the earlier players disliked it having Resilient Counter early on as being too powerful but i strongly disagree. I propose Definite Counter, which should deal the same damage as its current counter while also removing Dodge, Cloak, Shields, Taunt and piercing armor. On a lesser note, I propose Resilient Shattering Strike in place of Fierce Strike, combining Resilient and Defense Shattering Strikes, and giving Trykosaurus full immunity to Vulnerability and Speed Decrease instead of partial resistance.


Maybe he should get group resilient impact


This is a mix of ideas I’ve had and come across to make Trykosaurus an excellent anti-tank build and as well as a tank.

The big problem for Tryko is that good fierce creatures now have such op moves like Thor has just been given (group cleansing impact move), or the equally as crazy moves given to Rexy which make a mockery of the class system currently in place.

Tryko can be easily wiped out with bleed move and although it can still hit back with resilient on turn one it’s had it after that with so many creatures able to exploit its weakness thereafter.

I think if Tryko was to be given a priority roar move like the other fierce, or a swap in hit (like those fierce without roar) it would become somewhat relevant again. But while it sits with its current moveset it will languish below so many creatures that should be easily beaten by it.


Considering it is one of the original uniques along with Erlidominus, which has almost all immunities, would it work to have 50% resistance across the board or would that be overpowered with the abilities i added? Additionally, I’m trying to figure out a decent priority attack that works with it’s design though I really like the idea of Trykosaurus having definite moves.

On escape group resilient rampage would make it viable again.


For 1 years the updates killed tryko and other dino little by little so why not the buffs?