Buff Wishes

With 1.8 (supposedly) coming soon, let’s have a think about what creatures you want to be buffed and what creatures you want to be nerfed. If you feel like it, say what kind of kit you want it to have and maybe say some good stats. You can come up with some new kinds of moves if you like as well
I’ll start with the obvious few
Health 4500
Attack 1000
Crit 5
Armour 0
Speed 128

Superiority strike
Lethal swoop
Greater stunning Rampage
Ferocious Protection
(Priority 75% shield for 1 turn. Increase damage by 50% for 2 turns. Cooldown 2)
Swap in invisibility

Health 3000
Attack 1460
Speed 129
Crit 10
Armour 0

Evasive strike
Distracting impact/rampage
Nullifying impact
Lethal swoop

Swap in dodge/evasion


All stats stay the same

Nullifying Strike
Decelerating Rampage
Shield advantage
Distracting Impact


Health 2500
Attack 1000
Speed 109
Crit 5
Armour 0

Minimal speed up Strike
Acute stun
Adrenaline Pulse

Swap in Shattering rampage

The changes in Dracoceratops are not a buff, it is a nerf instead.
But I think it should be nerfed.

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Whats the point? New moves can’t fix the distrubution of boosts in the current stuff. Sad thing is we never had a choice on the idea of boosts


But it can change the effects of boosts to some extent. For example, changing the Rat’s SIA to a rending move, like rending takedown. Even at tier 10 damage, it wouldn’t be able to one-shot a Monomimus, crit or no crit. It would do loads to Lord Lythronax though, as well as any other really high-health creature.

I loved your Stigydaryx suggestion, though I think pterovexus should have Definitive rampage instead of null impact and Geminititan should have Distracting rampage instead of impact(uniques usually have 2 strikes and 2 rampages or 1 strike, 2 impacts and a rampage).


Give Postimetrodon back her damage.


she needs 1200 damage

Just remove swap in shattering rampage :grimacing:

Give postimetrodon back at least some damage so she stops being useless. Nerf the hell out of dracocera. Buff spinotahraptor.

Spinohtahraptor just doesn’t feel like an epic, it’s identity is totally confused, it has a DOT ability suggesting it should be able to play the long game, but it’s health is too low and defenses too frail to back it up, leaving it feeling like a worse version of suchotator, it’s no good as a glass canon, as it’s attack is too low, and it’s speed not quite up to par with better glass canons in the same epic range, or even common, such as veloci. Ludia needs to decide what they want spinotah to be and then give her the stats to back that identity in the meta up.

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Never really thought of Spinotahraptor, but you are very right. It’s trying to be too many things at once and kind of fails at all of them

Thanks. I thought about it a bit and thought if Daryx had a boosting move it wouldn’t need a higher attack

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Stygidarix is ok with Cleansing Swoop. Lethal Swoop should be changed to Lethal wound. It is and should remain a bleeder. Ferocius protection don’t exist currently and don’t fit to Stygidarix. Greater stunning Rampage also don’t fit to Stygidarix. Could get Defense shattering Impact or Rampage or Impact and Run move.

Greater Stunning Rsmpage doesn’t fit Stgydaryx? What?
It says it has headbutting fights in the air and it’s got a bone head. Anyway, this wk t happen as Ludia will probs need it again

It’s ingredients don’t have stunning moves. Very rarely dinos get moves that none of ingredients has.

Buff matchmaking. Buff bug fixes. Buff spawn rates of non daily migration commons. That covers some of the basics.

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True, it could even be something like ferocious invincibility, I mean, the description makes us think it’s an agressive creature right? :laughing: