Buffing albertospinos

As you can see albertospinos is meant to be a fast bleeder that can also beak shields
However, with only a fifty percent resistance to speed decrease, resilient can easily slow it
It also has no stun resistance at all and has terrible health and attack (troodoboa has the same attack despite having a full counter attack) and a terrible turn one
Also, it will get absolutely destroyed by scorp gen 3 and spinocon
So I buffed it
It got 300 health and 200 attack
I gave full speed decrease immunity and some stun resistance too
Also I switched lethal swoop for cleansing swoop so it doesn’t have such a bad turn 1

Buffed albertospinos


Yeah it definitely needs decel immunity at least. And swooping moves do bother me when the dino lacks a good turn 1 Wounding option (e.g. Sygidaryx).

To be honest, I’m kinda glad that the new uniques are on the weaker side. The power creep has gotten ridiculous lately. The downside is that Ludia did nothing to address the power-creeping dinos themselves this patch, therefore making Albertospinos and Troodonoa simply on the weaker side of things (edit: it seems like Troodoboa is strong and in a good place). Although as “ultra hybrids” they should be some of the strongest uniques, whatever level of balance that ends up being.


Troodoboa actually looks really good


Yeah this buffed version of albertospinos could end up being the best counter to skoona (one of the most ridiculously op dinos)


Yeah I’m just going off first impressions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Troodoboa shakes out as balanced/good. I’m basically questioning how much of this is these dinos being seen as weak because they’re legitimately flawed, and how much is because they’re weaker than a lot of the monsters we’ve been seeing lately.


I agree
Random characters

Yeah, he does seem to be on the weaker side.
The swap in I think should be completely removed for better stats.
The swap in didn’t make sense before the stats were revealed because he can only break shield and apply DOT turn 1.
But after seeing the stats the swap in is 99% useless.
I would happily trade the swap in for more HP and attack and maybe 75% decel immunity.


I think this says enough. Spinos definitely needs a buff, especially for a creature meant to bring back fierce into the meta. I was expecting 4350 health, 1400+ damage, and decel immunity, but its current stats are about as bad as they could get.


to be fair, they never said Spinos would bring back fierce into the meta.

That was SOLELY the forum going nuts over a Testa counter.

This would make it more viable.
It’s a Mega Hybrid, it should be decent.


I was expecting this Mega hybrid has 1400 damage and 4200± Hp but this… this just kind of vexus kamikaze on arena. Oh well its better to dump all of my Albert into advantage tournament


Honestly I think the buffed albertospinos is a skoona counter not for testa
It could beat testa but it will destroy skoona since it can’t cleanse bleed

Ah yes a good pure fierce, it’s not even good when the Apex is better than it, and it being resilient, along with that resilient having swap immunity for some reason.

While I do agree with your overall point that I’d rather newer uniques be a bit on the weaker side and for overpowered creatures to be nerfed… Troodoboa ain’t on the weaker side. It’s very good.

Spinos is disappointing tho. Even as I prefer that it be on the weaker side, it kinda took that to an extreme by immediately joining the bottom of the pack for Uniques. TBF I don’t think it would take a huge amount to make it better (a bit more damage and better moveset would be my choice), but it definitely needs something.


They never said Spinos alone would, but they said 2 new fierce will be added as viable options over this and the next update. The Spinos we got is unlikely to be viable, and if it is, it’s way too situational to make the big impact it needs to in the meta. We only have 3 unique or apex pure fierce and only one of them is any good, so if Ludia is going to make a powerful tyrant tier creature, Albertospinos should’ve been the one.

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Yeah, I definitely agree. I thought I saw someone say they thought it was weak, but it looks good to be. Albertospinos needs help though.

Yeah it needs to be buffed in 2.14

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Right now it is not even worth creating

Yeah honestly it’s not worth 500 event exclusive DNA a pop
Plus Albert is great on rare and even epic advantage tournaments

Defiantly needs more attack