Buffing creatures for a more diverse top arena

So, in the Shores, the big eight of Arctovasilas, Skoona, Ankylos lux, Phorurex, Spinocon, Parasauthops, Scorp Gen 3, and IndoT are by far the most used creatures
While they are cool, it’s always disappointed me that the top arenas aren’t more diverse
Creatures like Testa, Monolorhino, Grypolyth, and Hadros lux are being powercrept by the new additions like Arctovasilas, and Ankylos lux while creatures like Coelhaast, Gorgotrebax, and Antarctovenator are very good, but not often used by top players
So I decided to buff all raid apexes to start with, as while it takes many months to grind for them none of them are really viable on the top arena anymore except for Gorgotrebax and maybe Hydra boa, which still are very rare
So here are the buffed apexes

Once the king of swappers, the now powercrept Ceramagnus has been given an attack and critical buff, a few resistances, and the Sino exclusive Instant Charge instead of Acute Stun
As Gorgotrebax is already great, it needs the smallest buff off all of these creatures. All it got was 4 extra speed to soften the requirement for so many speed boosts, Cautious Impact dodging for two attacks instead of one so counters don’t make it useless, and a new basic strike which is the same as its old one except it is a group move when secure and has priority when threatened

Currently one of the worst apexes in the game, the Haast Maximus finally received some love, With Precision added to Predatory Peck, the delay removed from Ravenous Rampage, more crit chance added to Obstruction to Flight, and the new Fearless Impact replacing Fearless Flap, the new Haast Maximus has only a small buff to attack, a good one to speed, and a huge upgrade with better resistances


the reason why gbax is not so much used is because skoona,arctovasilas and ankylos lux the main top meta all destroy it by simply swapping in ;-;


skoona ( decel counter and bulk ) ,anky lux ( bulk ),arctovasilas ( swap in slow+bulk+distraction resistence )


In a perfect world, I imagine this: Every single creature is equally balanced. Each one has their strength and weaknesses. Example, Kentrosaurus gets buffed, it beats compies but loses to Trex. Trex will lose to a newly buffed cunning, so on. trex will be buffed too


Cera with swap prevention resistance is a big no, especially since its a pure resilient, I get that didn’t stop ankylux or mammolania but they really shouldn’t have it


Sorry that was an accident

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Yeah since Ludia isn’t nerfing OP creatures, I’m trying to buff them to be more meta viable and create a more diverse top arena


There needs to be much better balancing in each rarity class. It’s a shame that only a handful of creatures within each rarity are really able to be used, and then some are so OP they dominate the entire game. I get that some creatures are harder to get than others, but to have these creature be so dominant others have no chance makes the game a bit mundane and predictable. It would be a lot more fun to play if more creatures were in meta. More diverse teams = more creativity = more fun.

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Bax seems to have this reputation for being really strong but it’s really not in this meta (I run a Lv30 in Shores).

Currently, it is obliterated by a skoona swapping in. It loses heavily against Ankylux, Vasilas, Parasauthops and Testa. It also has no way of avoiding a rampage from Indotaurus, Spinocon or Phorurex (usually) which immediately puts it into swap-in territory for Mrhino or Parasauthops. It also struggles to come in against a set-up SR3 (which is normally the case). Almost the entire meta is against it except for MRhino (h2h) and Grypo.

If there were more viable fierce, it would be able to fulfil its role better, but right now, it needs some changes to be viable at the top:

Speed reduction resistance gives it a better chance of staying ahead of resilients after a single slowing move. It will still lose to them but not so convincingly.

Swap-in utility enabling it to more safely slot into a match up and gain the upper hand next turn, something it severely lacks in a meta of swap-in, on-escapes, and, and-runs.

Basic strike is now instant (like Compy g2) to immediately gain speed advantage, important for a cunning with a low base speed, also improves raid viability.

Cautious impact now dodges for 2 attacks, 1-turn to better deal with counter attackers like Indotaurus.



Updated my buffed gorgotrebax
I think 75% decel resistance is a bit too much as it still will outspeed most resilients after being slowed, so I gave it 50%
I removed the swap in as it’s more of a revenge killer

I don’t think cunnings outspeeding resilients after a slow is a fundamental problem. Compsocaulus is a cunning with speed decrease immunity plus absorb and a healing move to help survive but it still struggles against resilients.

Yes but CompyC is a pretty frail flock with low output and average moves and isn’t a part of the current top meta because of the abundance of Group moves
Gorgotrebax is a bulky cunning with incredible moves and damage and if it can’t be slowed enough it’s going to keep dealing huge hits including that unblockable 3200 damage
Remember that while these creatures are designed to be very top meta I don’t want them to reach phorurex levels of overpowered
If gorgotrebax has that much decel resistance it’s going to be extremely difficult to defeat even by most resilients

Here are the rest of the buffed apexes

Hadros lux got a bit of attack and health as well as a swap in Heal to tank hits and more distract resistance since its rampage and impact don’t cleanse reduced damage

Hydra boa got more attack, health, and speed, Precise Distracting Impact replacing Precise Impact, and the delay removed and cooldown reduced on Fabled Fangs
Also it got a huge upgrade with the resistances

Mortem Rex got a new Cleansing Shattering Impact, 300 more health, slightly better resistances, and a new On Escape Roar which makes swapping out on it very risky

Refrenantem got much better resistances, slightly better stats, Revenge Cunning Rampage instead of Cunning Rampage, and an awesome new ability, Alert Venom Blast, replacing the much less cool sounding Super Distractio


I have to confess, I still don’t see what makes people think Haast is the worst of the Apexs.


I miss the old meta, miss those days where Tryko, Thor, Ardent, Gemini etc were the top tyrants before these new uniques and apexes took over and became the new tyrants :pensive:

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Well I buffed like 25 uniques and will be uploading them :slight_smile:

Players don’t get how boring is it to play in the top arena. Only the same Dino’s, only the same combos. Sometimes I’m tying to guess what will comes out next and I’m right at 80% :sweat_smile:
I meet around 10 creatures max.
I don’t see any ceramagnus or mortem any more as they have been nerfed on ground.
Gorgo is the same, even if some added this apex to their team they quickly remove it, indotaurus can one shot gorgo ! Cause cautious impact protect only the counter attack … and is killed by many many creatures too easy.

Mortem, nothing to say more. Ludia gave up on this apex, their first apex supposed to be superior, 6 months + ago. I try again to play with but it’s only a feed.

I used to play with smilo, tryko, but they simply are garbage now against multiple effects hits added to new creatures.

More you will try to get upper in the arena more you will get bored, plus many players are very competitive and toxics.

Take your time enjoy at lower arena I promise you it was better when I was at 5000 than now at 6000+.

Also it’s sometimes really weird to get 3x crits from ankylos lux from top50 players….

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Here’s the first group of buffed uniques

While it had a very promising moveset, the terrible HP of Andrewtops made it a useless Unique and what it was released with completely overshadowed it. Also, soon after the Event Exclusive Arctops got a much better hybrid, Parasauthops. The buffed Andrewtops got much more HP, one point of speed, the useless Swap In Lockdown removed and replaced with No Escape from its parent Andrewtodon, speed decrease immunity, and the delay removed from Piercing Revenge so Andrewtops isn’t completely useless without Revenge.

Antarctovenator got only a small buff in its Health, Speed, and Attack to make it more viable.

Ardentismaxima got much more Heath and Attack, the 10% armor from Brachiosaurus, a bit of Distraction resistance, and the Definite ability added to its Taunt Shattering Rampage.
Compsocaulus got much better resistances and a new swap in move that acts as a swap In Distraction in the secure state and as an Alert the Flock in the threatened state.


More buffed uniques

Diloracheirus has had a huge buff changing him from an underwhelming creature into an absolute beast. Changed into a Cunning Resilient, with the awesome Determined Strike, as well as a more powerful group Heal, and new distraction, crit reduction, and deceleration immunities, this guy is a boss in raids but great in PvP as well. Think of him as a slightly cunning Tuoramaloch that can also do really well in PvP.

Since it already has good stats and a nice moveset, Diorajasaur just got a few much needed resistances to help make him as dangerous in battle as he looks.

The criminally underused Dracoceratosaurus got a guaranteed critical hit on the swap in which now deals half of the opponents Max hp not considering armor, and Reduced Damage and Crit Reduction immunity, which are found on most cunning hybrids.

Entelolania got a bit of stun resistance.

Erlidominus got a brand new, updated moveset relating on Dodge and Distraction that can help it survive longer and better counter Fierces and Cunnings. With Cautious Strike, Revenge Distracting Impact, and a Precise Rampage, now Erlidominus is no longer obsolete. Because of its low HP, it got Pesky Alert to make it less vulnerable to swappers and also a small health buff.

Erlikospyx got Revenge Cunning Rampage so now it has back to back rampages like Velosrhacos. While it’s still a glass cannon, with two 2X multipliers it’s going to be dishing out huge damage to its targets.

Geminititan got an attack and health buff to make it more relevant.

Grypolyth got more health, 3 new immunities, a more powerful Heal, and Ferocious Defense changed for a new move with the same effects but is also a Strike.

The iconic Indoraptor, currently unable to be used effectively in any arena above Lockwood Library, has gotten a big buff making it as scary in JWA as it was in Fallen Kingdom. It’s gotten more attack, better resistances, and Daring Strike and Fierce Rampage allowing it to better deal with heavy armor and shields. While not on the level of other buffed creatures, the Indoraptor is still a dangerous beast and a much more powerful combatant.