Buffing Dsungia

So y’all remember Dsungia right? The interesting hybrid that nobody got in time to see if it was good? Well now it’s just bad. It has a rarely seen Exclusive component and a used to be exclusive one. So due to it used to being pretty good, I have now made this not just raid viable, but arena viable if someone is willing to use it.

3750 Health
1000 Damage
120 Speed
15% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Fierce Deceleration
Group Decelerating Impact
Group Ferocity Strike ( Lasts for 3 turns, 6 Attack)
Group Shielding Heal
Piercing Decelerating Counter
Swap In Ferocity

By adding in more Dsungaripterus dna, this fierce resilient now has more abilities related to its parents, while still being arena and raid viable. The SDS was split into its heal option and it’s Strike.

Leave your thoughts down below! Enjoy!

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Team: Dmg increase by 25%, shields by 50% for 2 turns, 4 attacks
Target, Most Hp: Attack 1x

Emergency heal

Ferocious Defense

Ferocious Rampage

Swap in Ferocity
Slow-piercing counter
(decel for 1 turn, armor pierce attack 1x)

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What would be normal attack?

normal attack?


Oh. I didn’t see it doing 1x damage.

plus, some basic attacks dont do damage
cough phorusrhacos cough

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True. But that’s technically not an attack, and honestly it’s the only one like that.

I think the old kit It had was pretty good and really fun to use, i would just adapt It to have the raid version of the moves

download (57)

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