Buffing speedsters+Buffing bleeders

1]Buffing speedsters
Boosts are unfair to speedsters, or so I’ve heard. Speedsters understandably have to invest in all three stats, while tanks and chompers don’t. They can distribute all their boosts in HP and attack, which is probably the safest build for any tank/chomper.

I don’t know how much of a problem this is in the higher arenas, but here’s an idea to potentially deal with it.

Nerf Deceleration. All Decelerating moves currently reduce the target’s speed by 50%, which is overkill. In boosts 1.0, there was the possibility of a max boosted speedster still outspeeding a tank after being Decelerated, forcing tanks to invest in speed.

In boosts 2.0, that is no longer a thing. But if all Deceleration moves were nerfed to reduce speed by 25%(at minimum) an Apatosaurus would still be able to reduce a Velociraptor’s speed to 99, and a max speed boosted Thor would have its speed reduced to 112, but a max speed boosted speedster would be able to outspeed most tanks, if they didn’t invest in speed.

I encourage y’all to run the numbers. 30% could work too. But whatever percentage you think is best, this would encourage tanks to invest in speed, and perhaps (I’m not sure about this part) chompers too, to outspeed the tanks.
Otherwise this would favour chompers. I’m not sure, to be honest.

If you think it’s a good idea, I’d suggest leaving Thagomizer with a higher deceleration percentage, since it could do with a buff.

Anyway, let me know what you think through the poll.

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2]Buffing bleeders
Ah yes, bleeders, one of the worst kinds of dino in this meta. Here’s a quick and frankly, really simple idea.
What if all or some DoT moves had a secondary effect?
For example, “if the opponent is Immune to DoT, deal 0._x opponent health” or something similar. This would mean if the opponent swaps to an Immune to deal with a DoT move, it’ll take at least some damage. This would be especially helpful in the case of non-damaging moves like Exploit Wound. It would also mean we could have more non-damaging DoT moves, making bleeders better at dealing with counter-attackers.

Anyway, thoughts?

Lower Decelleration
I actually quite liked how Superiority Strike interacted with other speed-penalizing moves when it was -33. I thought it was neat that Thagomizer was just better than SS. To that end, I would prefer some variety in the speed penalties. For example if SS, Decellerating Strike etc were reduced to a flat 25 speed penalty, then ‘bad’ moves like Thagomizer could stay at 50 to distinguish it.

An aside
On speed, one thing I would like to see happen (mostly because I’m a mathematician at heart) is that the speed bonuses and penalties from moves should be changed from percentages to flat values. I.e. +10 speed, -X speed.

My reasoning is that Minimal Speed-Up Strike breaks the boost logic by slowly edging some dinos slightly higher speed-wise. If you boost a dino’s speed by +10, their benefit from MSUS goes up by 1, changing the balance. So unboosted and boosted have different balance points. It is a minor point.

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Perhaps MSS could be changed so that the speed buff is calculated based on base speed? That would eliminate the problem.

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