Buffing the traditional tanks— a new passive idea

Just an idea I had while thinking of how to bring armoured tanks like Stegodeus and the other Nodopatosaurus hybrids to their former glory. This would also apply to non-hybrids.
It’s very similar to another one I suggested a while ago.

It’s a Passive ability that essentially acts sort of like Venomous Counter, minus the Swap-prevention.

You could call it “Armoured hide” or something like that. It’s a passive that reduces the opponent’s damage by 30% for 3 turns each time it survives a hit. The percentage was chosen so that chompers would still beat the tanks, but they wouldn’t be able to do much else after. It would also make it considerably harder for speedsters to take on certain tanks with this ability.

Yes, it would work like regular Distraction.

In addition, it would make super-boosted non-immunes easier to deal with, making tanks more team-friendly.

It would also make bleeders a better option when taking on such tanks.

So, thoughts?


interesting concept, the 3 turn damage reduction things seems a bit much though, sure insane damage dealers like Thor wouldn’t be affected to much, but wouldn’t ones that rely on counter attacking to do the majority of their damage suffer due to their already low attack stats?

Good point. I see three options.

1)Not many creatures will get the ability anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem, and can be ignored.

2)Change the passive to only trigger when Armour-piercing or Defense-shattering moves or SIAs (not passives) are used (this includes Rending moves that do those things)

3)Change the ability to work upon the death of the tank, and inflict a set percentage of Distraction

I see option 1 or 3 being the best choices. renders rely on that full damage so activating upon use is gonna hurt a lot. however, if it’s on only a specific number/ class of dino, that could bring bleeders back into relevance since they don’t rely on defense shattering attacks.

Why not have it so that moves that aren’t armour piercing, shield breaking or rending are 30% less effective? Would still work against anything that ain’t a chomper?

Because AP and DS (which includes most Rending) moves are so common that slow creatures with high armour aren’t relevant anymore, especially the ones that don’t have astronomical damage numbers like Carbonemys does.

It would go on Stegodeus, Nodopatosaurus, Nodopatotitan, Gigaspikasaur, Anky, Nodo and Anky G2. Also Rajakylosaurus. Maybe Diorajasaur.
I’m not sure about Tragodistis, that one might only be in a bad place because of partials.

Skoolasaurus is a candidate, so is Scolosaurus.
Euoplocephalus and Amargocephalus…maybe. But I don’t know if they need it.

Just re read your first post, would the 30% damage reduction stack? So assuming the tank survives 2-3 hits the attacker loses 90% of it’s power?

Yup. For 1 turn anyway.

an ankylosaur trait then. makes sense. There are currently two different types of tanks. Health tanks and armor tanks. Some are both. This trait being on armored tanks like ankys make sense and would add another dynamic to battles and increase variety since you would need two different types of tank counter.

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That’s the idea. I just remembered Gigaspikasaur and Rajakylosaurus have Pinning Strike, so bad matchups would be trapped.

I forgot Ankylocodon. It’s debatable whether or not it would need that.
Ankyntrosaurus and Trykosaurus would be broken with it, since they’re stallers anyway. They’re not getting it.

Here’s another idea. Make Majundasuchus, Lythronax and Majungasaurus Immune to Distraction.

Carnotaurus, Purutaurus, Purrolyth, Grypolyth and Carnotarkus can all Cleanse Distraction.

Diplovenator is already Immune to Distraction.

3 of those creatures can only use cleanse once every 3-4 moves so they’d still suffer in the long run.

Let’s see. Purrolyth has Ferocious Strike, so the Distraction won’t be as noticeable. Plus it still gets 2 turns of counter with no Distraction because of how slow it is.
Grypolyth also gets 2 turns with no Distraction.
In both those cases, that’s more than 50% of the tank’s HP.

Carnotaurus is in a weaker position, but that’s nothing new. It’s slow too, so it gets a lot of damage in on that first turn, and still does a lot even distracted, since it only does a tenth of the opponent’s health less each time it’s Distracted.
Carnotaurus could easily be a candidate for Immunity to Distraction.

Add Rajakylosaurus to the list of counter-attackers that need Immunity to Distraction. Otherwise a mirror-match would literally last forever lol.

I would prefer it as a self buff which increases armor. For example, +10% per one counter. It would help tanks a lot when fighting speedsters but it wouldn’t affect fights against chompers and renders

Many speedsters can pierce armour nowadays. Besides, increasing armour doesn’t make logical sense.