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Buffing Thor

I know, its a bit weird, but the Green Crit Machine has taken to much of a hit. Stats wise, it’s worse than its parent. So here is a way it could be buffed.

Buff 1
Health: 4500
Damage: 1800
Speed: 106
Armor: 10%
Critical Chance: 40%

Fierce Strike
Group Shattering Impact
Fierce Rampage
Instant Charge

Buff 2

Health: 4600
Damage: 1700
Speed: 108
Armor: 10%
Critical Chance: 40%

Defense Shattering Strike
Fierce Impact
Group Shattering Rampage ( Cooldown of 2, Idk who made GSR with 2 cooldown, but here it is)
Instant Charge

Buff 1 is a more offense leaning buff, with a bit higher attack to represent it. Buff 2 is a more defensive leaning buff, with higher speed and armor, but lower attack, plus a rampage with a 2 turn cooldown.

Leave your thoughts down below! Hope yall enjoy!


I would probably go with the first one because the second one can’t be used in raids.

As long as people insist to nitro-boost these things, Ludia will not buff it :smiley:


Just get a slightly speed boosted magna, rinex or spyx and you will never need to worry about a fast thor again.


As someone who uses a slightly boosted rinex and magna you gonna need way more than a couple of tiers to put speed a fast Thor plus it depends on the Thor

yes it can, it group shattering rampage, I like second one more cuz it has more hp, armor. It has 50 less attack than allosino but who cares about that if it has 20% more crit. I would make it 1800 on the second one anyway so it would be way better than allosino than just better.

Any dinosaur can be nitro boosted. It is not just Thor.


Yet that’s the one peeps choose to boost the most ^^

It’s can’t OHKO minions turn one

oh, ok, that makes sense

The reason is that Thor had really good damage first turn, so if you could get it off first turn, you were golden. People instead of boosting cunning to be faster, thought hey lets boost our thor to beat theirs, and yadda yadda yadda it turned into a nitro thor meta

Super boosted nitro Thors can stay exactly how they are


I like 1, even if it kept 1700 attack like it has now. And it would be nice if “fierce” actually did something for it besides the standard defense shattering. Group Shattering Rampage seems a bit strong in raids, even with that cooldown.

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Delay says hi

True, but being able to hit the boss and all minions for 2x unshielded damage at ALL could be really strong. And if you gave it any delay longer then 1 turn, Thor would have even WORSE damage output in arena then it does now.

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I’d rather it just get a slight buff in stats, maybe 50% Resistance to Decel, and yes gain 10% armor.

It’s moveset doesn’t really need to change though.

Relative to thor, you need minimal boosts.They only need 9 speed boosts each to outspeed a t20 speed thor.

True but thats still 900 speed boosts

Plus just cause its faster doesn’t mean it can beat thor even with distraction

First one is great