Buffs and De-buffs rework needed


I’m just wondering why are buffs and debuffs add up and do not multiply with one other.
You can literally make a dino hit for 0 if you use -50% dmg twice which does not seem right.
With that being said if you use a Koolasuchus G2 (for eg.) and you use Distracting Strike (-50%dmg) and next turn you use instant cripple then your opponent hits you for 0 dmg but it should be -140% in total sooooo… should it heal you? or should the opponent’s dino hit itself???
Also if an Einiasuchus already did Ferocious Strike (so its attack is now 150%) and the opponent uses Instant Cripple your basic 1x dmg move will not hit for 15% (as it would be logical) but hits for 60%…

I’m asking your opinion on this subject, what do you guys think? I think it really needs a rework because this just doesn’t make much sense. Thx for the responses


I’m not very sure what you’re trying to ask so my answer might not be what you’re looking for.

The abilities cause the % affect to the dinosaur’s base damage unless they currently have been buffed/debuffed from the previous turn. Nothing can go below 0 so once the damage is decreased to 0 it becomes nothing.

If your Einiasuchus did Ferocious Strike and has an attack of 150% and the opponent uses Instant Cripple which does -90% on damage, then 60% damage is the logical number since the Einia was JUST buffed during the last move.


Thanks for your answer,
Of course nothing can go below 0 I was joking there.

My point is rather that I don’t understand why buffs add up instead of being multiplied with each other.

I mean the text is absolutely correct in the game, it’s rather the logic… dunno

Thanks for your answer in advance,


The logic is that all the buffs and debuffs are additive, not multiplicative.