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Buffs and Nerfs for 1.15

Does anyone have any buffs or nerfs that should be Ludia’s top priority for update 1.15? I personally think that some of the uniques need to be buffed like maybe giving thordoralosaur 15% armor as well as many others. I also believe that there are two big dinosaurs that definitely need a nerf: procerathomimus and I do raptor gen two. I don’t really know how to nerf them but they definitely need one because an epic and a legendary should be able to outpace most uniques.


Obviously, the list is the same as in version 1.14, 1.13, 1.12 etc.
The only important thing is that:

  1. Yoshi receive a large nerf
  2. Indo2 get a medium size but real nerf (not like the latest cosmetic tweaks)
  3. Entelomoth receive a medium sized nerf (although this is not so urgent because almost no one plays with this beast). Something similar happens with Indominus Rex2 and Sarcorixis.
  4. A large number of uniques receive a buff that allows them to be viable: Diloracherius (the one who most deserves the buff after being passed by Ludia from Tyrant to trash), spinoconstrictor, monolorhino, touramoloch, etc.

Only with that we would have a fun arena again and, perhaps, also fun weekend championships. It would be perfect and Ludia knows this because she has read hundreds of complaints in this regard, some almost unanimous such as that of the “Yoshi tournaments” but I have already given up hope.


Imo thor is ok as it is giving it 15% armor is not viable its already a strong chomper with some boosting the speed to uncalled for levels yeah you heard me 141 speed thor. Peace…

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I dropped all the way to Library. Arena will never change so long as players think X creature is the best. Even with a nerf to ProceRat and a buff to other Uniques, Arena will be the same. Championship will never be fun if there is no incentive to play after the 200 trophy drop from high score.

Ludia has made PvP something that is central of the game but also the worst part of the game. I wouldn’t even care for any of the 3 to 4 variants of PvP if not for alliance missions.

Blue Season has made me just throw matches just to have fun dropping and watching the progression of the same 10 to 20 creatures at different levels of boosting. Looking at how much investment there are in the current ProceRat and Thora meta, a nerf to both (I dun use either) would result in a whinefest.

Variety can only happen if Ludia is willing to let go of boosts or make them 100%reassignable.

I would be stuck in a losing cycle if not for Boosts 2.0 because I invested in Utarinex and Dilocherius. Imagine if ProceRat is nerfed, how many players would quit in anger since their major investment is now useless. I personally dun care since I have a diverse team and can take a short term loss for a long term gain.


Those Creatures doesn’t need any tweaks. It’s fine as it is.


Procerathomimus! Procerathomimus! Procerathomimus! And in case anyone doesn’t get it, I’ll say it again, Procerathomimus!

Drop its attack to at least 1250 and replace its rampage with impact and then I’ll be finally satisfied with this game.


That nerf is way too harsh. I’d say drop its HP to 3k and its attack to 1.5k or 1.4k is enough


Procera doesn’t bug me in area, not too hard to counter with uniques. But it’s incredibly irritating in epic tourneys. Takes the fun out of it. It really needs an epic hard counter!


This is what we want, imo.

Majundaboa is a hard yoshi counter

I should have added easy accessible epic hard counter. As in easy to max and kills max boosted Proceras while being unboosted.

Not really… it has to survive two turns to kill Procerat. It only counter Procerat if Distracting Rampage is off cooldown and Majundaboa comes in fresh. I hardly call that a hard-counter.

I did the math and Majunda gives a 3 level advantage over Procerat… that is really small.

Majundaboa beats yoshi 1v1 if yoshi doesn’t have DR up. Also, 2 of its components are extremely easy to find and the third you can get from parks. So a 3 level difference is not a big deal

This is not topic. Majundaboa is a Yoshi counter but it is not viable in the arena (nor should it be, if it were, we would have Yoshi2). Therefore, in the championships they will face Yoshis level 30 that will have 30 Boosts and Majundaboa without any boost and the new snake and the rest of the team will be massacred.

There can be no epics (in my opinion not legendary but this is more debatable) that are top0 dinosaurs because then we have viable beasts that also devastate their tournaments like Indo2 and Yoshi.

This can also happen with Miragaia in commons or Ornithomimus in rare but with the difference that, assuming someone takes them to level 30 and boosts them, they will have a beast in tournaments but useless in the arena.

So Yoshi…

I can’t help but compare this dino to Monomimus and wonder what the devs were thinking (other than ‘make money’).

3600 > 3150
1550 > 1130
131 > 127

Instant Distraction (arguably better than Distracting Strike)
Swap in Dodge… (much better than Swap-in-Nullify).

Both are first-tier hybrids with Mono being Legendary…

It baffles me that these two dinos exist in the game as implemented.

My fix to Yoshi. Replace Nullifying Strike with Evasive Strike. Replace Evasive Stance with Impact and Run. Curtail the stats slightly. Speed 129. Now we have a powerful anti-chomper speedster which can’t deal with precise tanks. It would still be close to the top of the Epics.

I’d also probably buff Monomimus a tad.

Testacornibus rework

Hp: 4200
Dmg: 1000
Spd: 129
Def: 50%
Crit: 5%

Precise rampage
Distracting shield
Dig in

Immune to decel
Immune to Dot
On escape decel impact

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It is not just the comparison with the poor monomimus.
Yoshi is the easiest epic hybrid to create (one component is a pest and the other is given away at all hours). Now compare it to the following trash dinosaurs:

Rajakilosauro: legendary made up of two epics that are hard to find.

Ankintrosaurus: Legendary made up of two hard-to-find epics

Carboceratops: legendary composed of one of the most difficult to find epics and a legendary exclusive

and there would be many more examples-

All four are non-hybrid hybrids but while the easy to get is a nightmare and viable in the sand, the other three are non-viable litter in the sand.

Is there anyone, even Yoshi’s ultimate advocate, who thinks this is correct?

Buff Procerathomimus and Indoraptor Gen 2
Nerf Majungasaurus and Dimorphodon


Rework on testicornibus:
4000 hp
1000 attack
127 speed
40% armor
5% crit

Distracting shield
Superior vulnerability impact (SV+SI. no delay. cooldown 1)
Decel rampage
Swap-in stunning strike

Give majungaboa precise rampage over impact
Give monolorhino 1350 attack and brontolasmus 1200 attack


I admittedly use Yoshi, and have her boosted a bit. Before Yoshi it was Monostegotops, but we know what happened to her, so now, Yoshi’s the only nullifier that’s easy to level up; it’s kinda a fight fire against fire kind of thing.

That being said, I can go for a nerf, so long as the nerf isn’t Monomimus level of harsh. If that happens, that will surely cause a sort of a riot. I know I’ll complain a bit. A nerf of probably -50 or -70 attack could be good. Maybe switch up the moveset so it could do the same thing it does now, but in a different way.