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Buffs, best uses?

Considering how buffs are, and i know a number of people disliking them. I would like to ask, in which do you feel is the best way to buff or boost your dinos. I feel personally i makes it so each fight is a little bit different, you might out speed a Thor one game, but get smashed by its attack, where as the next, it might be faster, but it does not have the power to back up that speed.

Equal boosts across the board, account for the weakest points.

Health, power, or speed?

Personally i feel health and power are better over all than speed. But what do think?

Depends on the dino

I find most are pretty go with mostly power and health boosts.

Speed boosts are… decent, but most of the time i have found them the least annoying part. Even with those that have speed resistance.

Depends on the actual creature’s strengths, kit, and what it’s general role is supposed to be tbh.

Some just tend to benefit more from being incredibly fast and hitting hard (and I don’t mean Thor).

Some benefit more from being bulky and dealing out a lot of punishment, while retaining only some speed at the most.

And then some are just a Jack of all trades, and benefits in a near equal spread.

Depends on your playstyle, and wat starting creatures u tend to meet in your arena. e.g some goes for nitro thor (high spd & attack) + sia dino. Nitro thor comes out, hopefully goes first and takes 1 bite, swap in sia dino for ko, best case scenario.

So like raptor with speed and attack boosts?

Not sure if a raptor is a good starter in this resilient meta. The damage output may not be high enough? Perhaps can use as a sweeper to clean up damaged dinos.

In this meta that’s basically the case concerning speed boosts. But specific dinos need them even now (fierce and cunning especially - especially those lacking a speed increase move).

In other metas - speed was the most important. The tournaments still reflect that as you’re rewarded less speed boosts than the others.

I was unaware of necro-posting but would it be necro posting to post here

I tend to find speed is not normally to bad. Most dinos are not strong enough with higher speeds that it matters. And that you can weather their attacks wih higher health.