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Buffs for two Brachiosaurs

Since the resilient update, they sorta lost their only slowing attacks (besides titan but it doesn’t do any dmg so it would still take longer to take out a cunning) this help with that issue and adds a new fanmade move by me! for titan, it gets a big attack buff to make up for no ramp, gains superiority instead of resilient strike annd other small buffs to other stats. This buff helps it at killing cunnings but not anything to kill fierce, now for brachio.
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Slight attack buff, armor buff, resilient strike to superiority, resilient ramp to precise ramp, and new escape move! Also the new move it should be Decelerating Taunting Group Shield Impact (yes a long name but it does what it says) also now immune to stuns and slight buff to swap preve resist and a 50% vulne resist. I always thought these two are good at killing cunnings and resilients but fall down to dot and rend. Thoughts?

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Maybe change the precise rampage on brachiosaurus to a new rampage or taunting rampage

First Giraffa. The stat buff is fine, though maybe a little less health to compensate? Also foe DSI, it should not cleanse distraction, and it should shield for 1 turn, 2 attacks. The vulnerable resistance is nice, but remove Swap Prevention immunity. That should counter it.

Brachi didnt really need a buff. If you had just changed RS to SS it would have been fine. Give it GTS back, that is in a lot of Epic Raid strategies. Also PR is a direct nerf. Just give it RR back. Stun Immunity and Vulnerable resistance is nice, but same thing about Swap Prevention. Shouldn’t be on a tank. Also the escape is nice, but maybe call it On Escape Greater Shields?


Okay, some of these ideas are good. but I like my new move cleansing distraction since it helps vs cunnings and not at all vs fierce. also for brachio, the move is pose to be

I kinda forgot to change the name, since it’s replacing it’s group shield.
But thanks for the feedback! I’ll see what I can change.

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Didnt see that name change, but then youre fine. The distraction cleanse would be fine, just wanted cunning to at least have some damage versus resilient (not kill, just be able to get a small hit off).

I understand.

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Fixed some issues you suggested, the titan’s move shield now only lasting for 1 turn and 4 attacks, nerfed hp, and lower swap prev resist to 50%

Giraffa looks good now, and it would be interesting to see in Tournaments.

PR on Brachi is still a nerf, and not one it needs. RR again helps in raids, even more so with Vulnerability now available.

I kinda like PR for first dmg, ( to finish off a low resilient or fierce but can’t with a strike. but can use the new move so I might revert depending how I feel about it)

Like you state, you do have DTGSI already, which does 1575 damage. That’s pretty good and out the gate better than Diplo’s turn 1 damage. And PR is blocked by distraction, and though it doesnt need a turn of set up, you lose a lot of benefits from it. You don’t remove Dodge anymore, you dont nullify Speed Ups, and you dont cleanse distraction. You also no longer apply Vulnerable, making the damage output lower, also just now realized this will now destroy Fierce besides Acro and Andrew. So maybe just a strike for the shields instead of an Impact?

I’ll see what I can do.

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How about this? I sorta brought back it’s rampage in a different way. it doesn’t remove speeds ups or dodge, (which does give cunnings a better chance of keeping speed/staying alive) but it now can slow and cleanse distraction without making it’s dmg output really high with vul with crit. also lowered DTGSI dmg (forgot to rename it strike instead of impact. oops)


Looks good to me. Definitely dont want to mess with him without a fierce in your back pocket.

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