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Buffs for Uniques

Ok, we need some buff for some Uniques because frankly the sole idea that a Epics are way better than some of this Uniques is ridiculous, si here are some suggestions

Make it’s attack 1650 and it’s speed 130 there, no new moves no new abilities only some UPS, si it can one shot Indoraptor G2 in normal circumstances, meaning no boost included and it makes ir on par with Erlindominus which has more health, more damage and full inmunity so I say it’s fair enough

Inmune to stun
Swap in Distraction like it’s ancestor Dilophosaur G2

Inmune to decelerating or bleeding take your pick
Buff damage to 1250
Change swap to Rampage on Swap like it’s ancestor Titanoboa

Buff it’s health, there thats it

Change it’s basic to either Evasive Assault ir Cautious Strike, it can’t buff itself so it’s fair


You could put some of this stuff in my thread, “Dino Tweeking and Fixing”, it would really give us some ideas :grin:

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Do u mean grypolith?


You could just nerf Erlidom’s HP so that Spyx can one-shot it again. They didn’t really need to buff Erlidom in the first place.
And maybe increase Spyx’s health a bit.


Thanks for that , I confunse them si offten

Nerfing stuff doesnt always work,with a little more attack Spyx can do it’s job at punishing people that rely to heavyly on Indo G2 and the Chicken,not to mention it also help it overall to be able yo out yo a fight against the tanks

I’m just saying a lot of buffs to Immunes were unnecessary. Spyx’s stats definitely need to be higher than Erlidom’s, because it isn’t Immune.

Erlikospyx doesn’t need to be buffed to beat Indo G2 (in fact, buffing it’s attack doesn’t help at all there), all you need to do is get rid of the speed buff from CS.
Then Erlikospyx would beat it 1v1 (with correct prediction), as well as revenge-kill it once it’s health is down.

There are more uniques needing some rework



Man talking about Diloracheirus just makes me sad,it was so good but then partial inmunities galore happened and it sunked like the Titanic

Its not because partial immune. I would say maxima, gemini, and prorat happened to dilorach lol. Literally can’t do anything with them using dilorach.

Some things with partials can still be stunned by dilorach etc. And the majority has maxima immune and either has or is working on gemini immune.

The only balanced full immune has only been magna. But now teams have magna maxima gemini and prorat. How viable does that make dilorach rinex or spyx lol.

Buff to speed is certainly interesting. A bit more health might be in order.

So this is basically saying: I want Tenontorex to beat Thor. Which is neat. Swap in Distraction is really powerful so this would be a huge boost.

Not sure more immunities are really the solution to the world’s problems. I think a small damage buff is in order (it was nerfed for unknown reasons). I like On-Escape Evasive Strike (it is immune to Dracorat). The main thing I want to change is Pinning Strike.

Honestly I think the thing that matters the most here is “Immobilize” which has become somewhat redundant.

Indoraptor G2
Remove Speed-Up is my preference. It knocks it down to manageable and niche rather than “only countered by niche”.


Last suggestion was for indo g1, I Made a mistake sorry

I think spyx could use a major health buff. Like 500 or so. It’s damage is fine I think

Also pinning strike should totally be removed. Maybe shielding decel instead. What good is your on escape ability if your opponent can’t leave to begin with???

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was dilophosaurus immune to distaction, i forget; if it was, just make dilorocheirus immune to it as well

Spyx doesnt need health I don’t get why people think so, it’s strenght lies un it’s speed and damage but those are a little underwhelming compared ti it’s cousin Erlindominus, and for some reason weaker than the Chicken

No, No, No, No, No, No, No (oh mama Mia, mama Mia)

Sidestep become basic ability and it gains null rampage, along with 4200 health. This way it’s attack can stay that way

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Dilo G2 homie

It has not. You can use it as a stall move, for example when you’re waiting for your regen to come back up. Grypolyth is made to be a staller, it doesn’t rely on its attacks. It relies (mostly) on Regen and its counter attack.


I don’t know guys, spyx is absolutely fine, it can still beat indo gen2 with the right prediction (using bleed). Does still a lot of damage to maxima and geminititan due to being immune to decel and does best against tryko and Thor due to delinitaiting distraction. Magna is another good matchup, it does great overall and shurly does need buffs