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Buffs to unique dinos? (That need it)


Uniques like Diorajasaur, the flying dinos, grypol, and turamoloch should get a buff, they look so amazing but their stats and moves are underwhelming and don’t match up to other strong uniques, like I mean uniques should be powerful because they are the hardest to obtain so why do they not feel powerful? I love diorajasaur-the way it looks but it is not powerful enough and I think he should get a rework, perhaps make him match tryko in terms of being a tank, and the flying dinos also need some changes as well. If magna got a buff then so can these dinos. Perhaps some other changes to current powerful dinos? More specifically erlidom, it has way too short health and maybe needs a slight health buff but I know that erlidom is a gamble dinosaur so I’d understand where the health is coming from but what do you guys think? I feel like these uniques should get some rework to make them powerful and reliable to use in arena


Well, yeah, about those Uniques (Tryko, Erli and Dilora) you think represent their class well…

Ah, fudge it, it has been said a million times. Yeah, make everything broken, let’s make the game even more focused on the quick cash grab apect, because “muh hãrd wôrk”. At least then the game dies quicker and then you would finally realise why it was a garbage idea to enforce the Korean MMOs type of “but muh rarity” balance.


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yes please. i like the current state of the tyrant dinos. hopefully they will beef up the lesser uniques to match them. seeing the same dinos in the arenas gets kind of boring.


Yes I didn’t know where to find this article but everything mentioned here is perfect thank you!


Btw to add on, I would like things in arena to get spicy, have us use a variety of dinos than the standard meta atm-it’s not bad but it gets a tad boring after a while and I would love to see these underwhelming dinos to make an appearance in arenas and strike towers


The uniques do need to be the tyrant tier the harder they are to aquire should mean the rewards are better. I could try for erlidom utarinex dioraja grypo or ever stigydarex but can not be botherd as i don’t see that they are worth it


You only want dio because you just unlocked him haha jokes of he was worth making i would do it but got a feeling you will get a dioraja buff soon enough


Bro I met you on Twitter, we discussed on how the reason I unlocked was because I knew I never was going to make him due to his resources and how one of those dinos are required to make tryko. I love the Dino but again it’s underwhelming


Haha yh man was joking i know why tou unlocked him and to be honest you are right but i think all the uniques that are not as good as legendaries or even epics should get buffed


The game is about catching dinos and looking at them.
Yes, there is a battle arena, but the game is about getting dinos.
Get the dinosaur and look at it and enjoy your completion! It doesnt have to be made for the arena!


that is kind of dumb, yeah ok lesser Uniques but it doesnt makes sense becasue all Uniques take roughly the same amount of resources to make them, if this Uniques were cheaper yeah I could understand that, but they dont so its dumb to let them be so underpowered, why does a nuisance like Dracoretaops gets to keep its moveset and power but this Uniques which certanly deserve it more doesnt?