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Bug? Alpha win, chest opens and treasures not delivered

So we beat our Alpha this morning. I had enough keys to open my chest. What I noticed first is the eggs I was winning aren’t there and then I got another basic dragon draft in the same win, I leveled up to the 20 eggs in the draft chest & those are not in my count as well. Pics of conclusion.

Note: I am cellular, but the signal seems to be moving well today. :smirk:

As far as I’m aware the alpha chest doesn’t give you any eggs when you open it. Also, you only get the rewards from the draft chest when you open it.

Honestly the draft chest is weird considering you can only open it once you reach the end of it. So to me it makes no sense that there are rewards along the way of it, unless its possible to get the rewards if you fail to reach the end before the time runs out (but i never had that yet, so i don’t know if thats possible)

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You are correct on the chests. :upside_down_face: I forgot that part. And yes they are weird.