Bug? Arena Hacking? Just fought someone with 6 dinos and duplicates


I just had (and somehow won 3-1) an arena battle with someone who had 2 Stegoceratops, 2 Amargocephalus and 2 Einiasuchus (So yes, 6 dinosaurs and not 4). They would switch into the same dinosaur to remove stuns, abuse the counter attacks on Amargocephalus, refresh their move CDs ect. They had a weird name that sounded like a bot, “COMrecording.” I won because they kept switching so darned much that it eventually whittled them down when I got good stun RNG.

Is the new face of bots, or just blatant cheating/hacking? If it is a bot, how can this possibly be Ludia’s intention to have something so buggy, cheating, and clearly not human?


I’d report this to Ludia’s support team…the more information you’re able to provide them, the more likely they’ll be able to resolve this issue. There’s been too many occurrences like this that have been noted on the forum lately, and it’s really quite disturbing. The account name suggests a bot, but it could be a hacker using a bot-like name. Hard to say for sure unless Ludia looks into it in greater detail.


I battled someone yesterday who had two steglceratops… I still defeated them tho… :smile:


I noticed strangeness last night in arena as well. I got hit with instant crooks and my attack did zero damage. It should’ve still had 10%. I won the battle and shrugged it off until later I fought the same person and his T-Rex had gone up two levels and he one hit my whole team. This all in the span of an hour. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to get that much Rex dna that fast


I just lost to someone when at 2-2 dinosaurs each they managed to swap out in the final round about 4 different dinosaurs. I had no chance! :frowning: how do I report it as I assume this isn’t supposed to happen.


I just faced this person they had…


Look at the screenshots… I still beat him aswell :smiley:


I also met with duplicate dinos in the battle mode and i still thought i was seeing it wrong as i was not looking at my screen all the time.


Your second picture of indoraptor is hilarious, that face from getting smacked lol


Poor Indo… Excellent screenshoting :slight_smile: