Bug: Blank Screen Room


Not sure if it is only my device. One Plus 3. Found that when doing challenges, just after entering a new room, it will sometimes auto advance to a blank room. Can still see the hero abilities below and pass turn, but the actual heroes and enemies cannot be targeted as that portion of the screen is blank.


Hey Brian_Leong, thanks for reporting this to us! This can sometimes happen after winning a boss battle, and you select a room too quickly, it can put you into a “blank” room. However, our team is aware of this, and they’re looking into it.

If your issue is not related to a boss battle, reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and any screenshots you might have so they can investigate this.


I encountered this issue twice in the past month (On a samsung Galaxy Tab E).

The work-around I found is to close the app, relaunch the game, and then accept the prompt to continue the in-progress dungeon.