Bug, bot or hack?


Was just in battle (Sorna) and came up against an Eini. No big deal, I know how to play against her, or at least I thought I did. She did her Ferocious Strike move. Then she did it again. And then again! Uh…no matter what counter I have, my guy isn’t living after 3 ferocious strikes in a row. Is this a bug? I first thought I was playing a bot as the levels were a good 5 above mine and my dino would get the stun look even before the hit, but then after the 3 ferocious strikes in a row, I am more on the line of thinking that was a hack job.

Anyone experience anything like this?


I tend to agree–likely a hack, or perhaps even a horrendous glitch. If you happened to catch and screenshot the opponent’s screen name, or other evidence of this happening, I’d definitely recommend contacting Ludia’s support team with that information.

Best of luck!


Thanks! Now that we have the ability to see who we just battled, I can check this player out. Once I go back into the game (phone battery about dead, lol), I will and then contact Ludia. Thanks again!


This happened to me as well but only twice in a row, I was wondering wth.