Bug - Campaign Special Missions Don't Register

Bug - Campaign Special Missions Don’t Register

I did the special mission on the first try in Course Two Resilient, won and it said I didn’t complete mission.

I did it in course two fierce on my second try and it failed to take too.

Both in intermediate.

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Same, it seems alot of campaign missions are glitching :frowning:

When it says “Use 1 fierce creature on your team” (as an example), it means use just 1 fierce creature to solo the mission, not just ‘have 1 fierce in the party’. It’s not worded very well.

It seems for the special objectives it means ONLY one of that class. Leave the other one blank.

Course 4 Armor 1 intermediate special mission is have at least 1 common creature lvl 15 or higher on your team. The game scales back all the Dino levels to 14! So I literally can’t have a level 15 Dino!

Another bug found on campaign course 4 armor piercing 3 starter. Unable to select the required creatures Kool gen 2 and velociraptor as they aren’t armor piercing creatures.

I’ve completed the mission that says use 1 fierce creator with a single dinosaur that has the fierce designation and I still didn’t get the check for it.

Did you use a pure fierce, or a dual class?
Also it needs to be the only dino on your team.

Oh wow! That might be my issue. Thanks.