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Bug- commercial ads and reduced breeding time

Hi Ludia,

First of all, I would like to say I generally welcome the recent update to the game, although I do still have reservations about the overall game balance (especially in the Thawfest Arena).

One of the best features of the recent update was the ability to speed up (reduce) the time to breed and hatch dragons. However, I have noticed over the last 48-hours that in around 40% of cases it is actually INCREASING the time to breed and hatch a dragon.

Right now I am waiting for Snafflefang and Razorwhip to conclude breeding. I viewed the ad. twice but in each instance the time to wait has initially stayed the same but then increased a minute or so later. At one point the waiting time was down to 8 minutes. I received the notification that the “baby dragon was ready to collect” then bang… the waiting time increases to 19-minutes. This happened again in exactly the same circumstances.

Bizarre and funny in equal measure :rofl:

I’m sure I cannot be the only one experiencing this? I don’t think I will use the function again as I might be waiting forever! :grimacing:

Thanks for reading


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Hey there, Drachen. Could you please email our support team at so our team can take a closer look at this for you? Please include your support key in the email as well, it’d help our team locate you quicker in their system.

Thank you!

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An update for interested folk.

Since 06:00 Zulu I have been breeding two copies of Gyllentalon and been using the video ad capability to reduce the breeding time.

Now, since using the reduced time capability, and after the initial 20-minute decrease, the game has actually added time back to the waiting period. I have estimated that the overall time to complete the breeding cycle may now exceed the original 12-hour waiting period.

I have raised this as an incident for Ludia to review but it is worth folk being aware before they engage.

Thanks for reading.


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