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Bug crash mid battle and chest!

My game crashed mid battle twice, causing me to loose about 50 trophies and then crashed when opening my duties hard mode chest, making me loose half of my rewards! :rage:

How did it crash? Was it a complete crash where it stopped working entirely and closed itself? Was there any lagging beforehand? Were there any discrepancy errors in the battles or were those crashes where the game shut down completely as well?

The discrepancy errors are something widespread, and while I’m not certain (I’m doubtful, to be honest) this will help, either clearing your cache or reinstalling your game entirely might help lessen their appearances.

If your game has been running fine, and all of this only started occurring after the most recent update, I would definitely suggest doing a clean reinstall. Be sure your game is connected either via Facebook, Google Play, or the iOS equivalent beforehand, though.

Also, even if the game shut down in the middle of you going through the rewards, are you certain you didn’t still receive them? There’s no sheep in your roster, or the increase in runes/energy? If you’re definitely sure, then I would contact support, either in-game or via email at

It happens to me on a daily basis. Yes, I am sure I didn’t get the rewards and it always count as a loss. It’s so bad that I get so excited when the game DOESN’T crash for a stretch of time.