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Bug Description: Evasion not lasting 3 turns


Bug Description: Evasion not lasting 3 turns

Area is was found in: Battle Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Evasive Stance (Procerathomimus)
Step 2 - Opponent’s dinosaur (in this case Erlidominus) attacks
Step 3 - Opposing dinosaur hits & runs into a SIA dinosaur (in this case Strike & Run into Dracoceratops Shattering Rampage)

How often does it happen: 1st time I’ve noticed

What type of device are you using: iPhone X

Anything else? I could see that the evasion particles had disappeared before Dracoceratops used its Swap-In Shattering Rampage, meaning my Evasice Stance only lasted 1 turn as opposed to the 3 that it’s supposed to


I’ve had this same issue as well - not just with Dracoceratops, but on the third turn every time (20+ occurrences). Just like you the particles disappear, but for me it’s after the second turn every single time.

I use a Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro.