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BUG: Dodge but still get stunned or wounded

I think there is a bug in the battle system. If I successfully dodged an attack and there’s a secondary stun or wound I still get stunned or wounded.

I don’t think this is the proper way to handle this if I dodge the attack I shouldn’t get stunned or I shouldn’t get wounded.

Does anybody else have this problem or see this is an issue as well?

I do and have made posts also.

You can’t bleed if you were not hit. Pretty basic fact.

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I totally agree! If I dodged the attack how the heck did I get wounded or stunned? It just doesn’t make any sense It seems like a bug in the battle system that they should be able to easily fix.

Can’t tell you how many times I should have won a battle but I got wounded or stunned after I successfully dodged and then got annihilated.

It’s very frustrating. It really weakens the Dodge ability.

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Agreed, but its not a bug and it wont be “fixed” regardless if it doesnt make sense.

This was deliberate game design and intended, so I don’t think anything will change with how this works.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. It does seem like it would make sense that if you Dodge you don’t get hit with a secondary attack.

As a developer of software myself, it seems like it might have been an oversight in their development when they released the Dodge feature. I would hope that they would take notice of this thread and look into it.

Hey Kuzuri, this is working as intended at the moment. However, thanks for the feedback! I’ll forward it to our team. :smiley:

Hi Ned,

Thank you for the reply I appreciate it. I would look forward to hearing what the team has to say about it because it doesn’t make sense to me if I dodge the attack how did I get stunned or wounded?

Thank you for a cool game!

I would imagine that it is for game balance. If a creature dodged every form of attack, then the attackers wouldn’t stand much of chance.

This does makes sense in this regard, even if it doesn’t make any practical sense in real physics. :wink:

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Agreed, dodge would be too OP if it operated that way. A little less so now with the new 1.7 attacks but it’s similar to how DI works against FS, the design choice was made that the extra 50% attack come after the 90% reduction, not before. Plenty of examples like this in the game where things could have gone a number of ways. (Looking at you, speed ties!)

I don’t see what’s the problem here. It literally tells “Dodge Direct Damage”. The key word you need to notice is Damage. Stun, Distraction and DoT is not Direct Damage.

What about Swoop? We will not get Hit but yet we Bleed.

No different than invinceable shield. Why get stunned or bleed. Obviously not inevitable. I know this is the way it is designed. Just doesn’t make sense.